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Thread: [Audio]: Rush agrees with Ron Paul on Student Loans: "Like subprime/housing mess,""A scam"

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    [Audio]: Rush agrees with Ron Paul on Student Loans: "Like subprime/housing mess,""A scam"

    Of course Rush never mentions him but Ron has been saying this since Rush was in diapers. And Ron is the only candidate who wants to transition to getting the government completely out of the student loan business. He knows it's a bubble that enslaves students. Yet Ron is "nuts on parade" and "will destroy the republican party." Rush, just keep listening to Ron, take all his points and sound bites, call them your own... We know who's right 99.8% of the time. After hearing you through the Bush administration, we know it isn't you! Okay, enough ranting, here is the link:

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    Well if we're lucky Rush will again say "Ron Paul stole this idea from me". That's the best we can expect for El Rushbo. I'll take it if we get it. I wish the campaign could get Ron on the show. Prep him like hell first and get him on.
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    Someone should call in and list all of the issues Rush agrees with Paul on, and how these issues, particularly the fiscal issues are the most important issues that need addressing, and Paul is the only one offering any real solutions on those issues. Why won't he support Paul, exactly? Is Rush an interventionist?

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    Damn boys and girls I believe we got 'em on the run.

    Or at least they are letting us think they are.

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