The Army, the Navy, the Airforce and the Marines, active military and veterans have started "Occupy" fb pages. They are growing at a phenomenal rate, their interactions metrics are 1:1 or approaching 1:1.

It's not "what you do", it's "why you do it".

Military Donations are so heavily in favor of Ron Paul that it is essential that we embrace these military movements, (in such a way), so that we can understand this and craft our approach to the 11-11-11 Veterans Day MoneyBomb, so that we maximize the donations to the campaign.

These men and women took an oath to the Constitution of The United States of America. The 1st amendment protects freedom of speech. Our Armed Forces are specifically oathed to protect the Constitution of The United States of America and the amendments forthwith.

! Ron Paul 2012 !





THIS THREAD IS NOT for venting your frustrations with your lack of knowledge, or your acute and informed understanding of WHAT this is. This thread is NOT for bashing or for supporting the movement.

Let's be blunt about this. How can we take advantage of this? If active members of the military and veterans begin to provide security for the "OWS" movement, if they start providing technical assistance, advisors, etc ... and the media turns them into terrorists and we launch this Veterans Day Moneybomb ... we must be aware and keep abreast of this OWS movement specifically as it pertains to the involvement of active military and veterans.

Get OUT of your emotional self on this issue and leverage this as a cold, calculated political opportunity, and after the Veteran's Day MoneyBomb is over, on to the next "Campaign".