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Thread: "Rick Perry​, Ron Paul Sought Energy Subsidies They Now Condemn"

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    Question "Rick Perry​, Ron Paul Sought Energy Subsidies They Now Condemn"

    The Washington Post reports today that presidential hopefuls, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) lobbied for federal energy subsidies for a Texas firm in 2008. Now, as presidential candidates, both are campaigning against federal subsidies on practical and philosophical grounds.

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    Don't know the details of this, but Ron puts a lot of earmarks into bills and then votes against them. Maybe they're talking about something like that?

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    There is a difference between supporting subsidies and using them. Even if I thought they were wrong (and I do) but the current system was against me, I would not deny the people in my district the ability to use them and keep their feet on even footing with the competition. They would have to understand though, then when I get rid of them, they won't get any, but neither would their competitors. I do beleive this is why he chose to do this. It would have been unfair to the companies in his area if he denied them the ability to get the same treatment as other companies in that particular field of work.

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    Ron has had to go with the flow. In order to stay in the game sometimes you have to play by the current system's rules. At least he didn't have his constituents praying for rain as a solution for the drought.

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