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Thread: BTO = Bluntly Terrifying Ordeal (If we don't raise $6,000,000 or more.)

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    Default BTO = Bluntly Terrifying Ordeal (If we don't raise $6,000,000 or more.)

    The primaries are inching closer and closer as the days go by. Winning these primaries is the key to putting Ron Paul in the White House, and preventing the 2012 election from being one big-government Republican vs. one big government Democrat. The situation is truly scary. Every candidate the media is supporting to some extent or another (Romney, Perry, Bachmann, and Cain), are nightmare candidates, that have no true desire to protect liberty, reduce government, support peace, or defend the constitution. They are all fake Republicans propped up by a corrupt media, that is terrified of seeing a true small government candidate -- like Ron Paul -- obtain the nomination. As evidenced by the media's twisted, Orwellian statements about Ron Paul's win at the Value Voters Summit, they are determined to deny Ron Paul any opportunity to climb in the polls. They are determined to downplay his candidacy, attack him in every way they can, and BLACK HIM OUT every time he does something news worthy.

    If we want to win the nomination, we need to realize one very important fact - we cannot depend on the mainstream media at all, period. It does not matter if we win every straw poll from now until the first primary or accomplish other impressive feats. They will lie about us, seek to marginalize us, and refuse to give us the media attention we deserve. Of course they will freely give such media attention to other candidates, even when they have accomplished nothing of significance, or come in second place to Ron Paul.

    So the question is, how can we win the nomination, when the media is manipulating this election?

    The answer is simple

    We must do TWO things that will not be easy.

    1) We must GET OUT THERE and spread the word about Ron Paul in our homes, churches, schools, jobs, civic groups, neighborhoods, and towns. Every one of us must multiply ourselves, by taking as much time as it takes to convince others to support Ron Paul -- every bit as fervently as we do! If Ron Paul is going to get the nomination, we must talk to our neighbors every chance we get, chat with our co-workers *everyday* at work, yack to all of our fellow church members after every Wednesday and Sunday night service, and jabber endlessly to our hard to convince family members!

    -- Now for the part *some* people will not want to hear. --

    2) We must dedicate ourselves to making the Black This Out money bomb as successful as possible. We must do this both by donating until it hurts, and informing every Ron Paul supporter in the United States of America about this money bomb! The simple fact is that to get the media attention we need, we cannot be successful in strawpolls, and expect to have it "given" to us, like it is freely given to other candidates. We are those damn small government Ron Paul freaks (in the minds of the neo-cons and socialist liberals), so we have to BUY coverage. That's right, the campaign has to pay cold hard cash -- and lots of it -- for TV ads, radio ads, bill boards, direct mail, etc.

    If we want to win the nomination so we don't end up with four years of Barry-Barack Obama or eight years of a neo-con in the White House, we must give the campaign the money they need to compensate for the fact...


    With a large enough WARCHEST of COUNTLESS dollars, the campaign can buy so many commercials and advertisements, that millions of people will be introduced to what Ron Paul is REALLY all about! The mainstream media does not even give Ron Paul time to answer questions in the debates, so if we want to public to learn that Ron Paul is the only true small government and freedom candidate, we have to PAY for them to find out.

    Yeah, it sucks.

    Yes, this is pathetic.

    I realize the world should not work this way.


    The only other option is to let Perry or Romney or Cain obtain the nomination.

    I don't know about you, but I want someone who will....

    - Strive to abolish the income tax, and most importantly replace it with NOTHING!

    - Strive to lower taxes in general.

    - Pay for the tax cuts by REDUCING THE SIZE AND COST OF GOVERNMENT.

    - Bring all our troops home from around the world - not only from the Middle East, but EVERYWHERE!

    - End the Federal "War on Drugs."

    - Support the Bill of Rights by defending free speech, the right to bear arms, private property, and privacy.

    - Will seek to eliminate the Federal Reserve.

    - Will end all foreign aid.

    - Will strive to get us OUT of the United Nations.

    - Will strive to get rid of the Patriot Act.

    - Will not approve a single DIME of bailout money to any business, bank, state, or nation!

    If you want all of the above to take place, then we need to do whatever it takes to make the BTO money bomb a huge success.

    Not a decent money bomb, but one in which we EXCEED our goal of $6,000,000.

    Time is running out, and if we want to win the campaign needs as much money as possible, NOW!

    Lets make the BTO money bomb the event that propelled Ron Paul into obtaining the nomination, and not the event that gave him enough money and financial resources, to come in second or third place.

    Obtaining second place means despite a great effort, countless donations, and huge sacrifices we LOST the nomination.

    Instead of losing, lets WIN!

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    Help get others to commit by posting this message all around Facebook...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sentinelrv View Post
    If 100 people dedicate 1 hour each day to promoting the Oct 19th Black THIS Out Money Bomb, that would = 1,000 hours of promotion. If every hour of promotion were to bring in 10 more pledges, 10 pledges x 1,000 promotion hours = 10,000 more pledges!

    Please "COMMENT HERE NOW" and "COMMIT" to spending "1 HOUR A DAY" to help promote the money bomb! We WILL Raise $6,000,000 for Ron Paul! COPY & PASTE this message on other Facebook walls to get others to commit to this![/url]

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