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Thread: Introduce yourself! Who, What, Where, Why!

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    I'm in knoxville, tn

    a proud supporter of my local Congressman Duncan, who is also big supporter of Ron Paul.

    I will be doing everything I can for Ron Paul's campaign because I've found hope for my country with this man.

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    Randy, San Diego, a Reagan Republican who has watched his party over the years move further and further away from Reagans conservatism. I, correspondingly, have moved further towards being a hardcore Constitutionalist (I think I just made that word up).

    I always think its funny how the top 3 candidates talk about appointing strict constructionists to the supreme court but, based on their positions on issues, don't think that the Constitution applies to them.

    Anyway, I'm here because Ron Paul's record shows that he will strictly and unfailingly follow the Constitution. I think THAT is the way to fix the ills of this country. I also think that RP's title should be "The Strict Constructionist President"

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    Quote Originally Posted by murph View Post
    I'm John and I live in Richmond, VA. I figured this would be a good place for my first post to this forum.

    Ron Paul is the first presidential candidate who has really energized me to take action. Since yesterday I have:

    -spent 3-4 hours reading and watching about Ron's campaign on the internet
    -sent a donation to the campaign
    -ordered liberty cards
    -joined this forum

    I would describe myself as an independent who is fed up with the status quo of our federal government. I know there is a group in the Tidewater area. If anyone in the Richmond, VA area wants to get a Ron Paul group started, send me an email.
    John (and the rest of you), Now go here: and register, then under your profile, go to the friends tab. (I think mstebbins will be there automatically.) You'll see everything I've dugg. Digg everything there that you agree with. Then visit a couple times a day and repeat.

    Next, create a profile on if you don't already have one. Add as a friend RonPaul2008.

    Then go to and vote for RP in all the polls there. Check back once a week or so for new polls.

    Then join your state Yahoo Group at, where XX is your state abbrieviation.

    I'm leaving some things out, but this well get you started.

    Welcome aboard! You're a great patriot!

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    I'm James from Tupelo, MS

    Hotty Toddy! Go Rebels!

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    Hey, Folks! I'm Barrett, 23 from Stallings, North Carolina. I'm a singer/musician/composer and also a part-time trucker. Registered Independent whose views occupy the lower-left quadrant (see the awesome website for clarification!) and tend to vote Democratic, through I'm extremely put off by their choices this year ('cept for Mike Gravel). Found out about Ron Paul and just couldn't believe what a breath of fresh air he was. Politicians of true decency, common sense, and candor do not grace the national debate as often as they should, and Paul is an exemplar of these virtues. What I'm most astounded by is how so many people from all over the political spectrum gravitate to Paul. It just goes to show that truth is truth, and a good guy is a good guy, no matter what corner of the room you're looking at him from. I look forward to getting to know the folks here, and finding out how best to go to work to put Ron Paul right where he the Oval Office! Ron Paul in '08!

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    Talking Hello

    Tanya here from San Antonio Texas. Can I just say that I really hate politics?! Not just government but at work as well. That being said, I am so glad that Dr. Paul is running for the nomination and I hope like hell he wins because if it comes to the alternative, I'm moving out of the country!
    Tanya T.
    San Antonio, TX

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    If he doesn't get the nomination, I'll just vote for whoever the LP puts up.

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    Hey my name's Rob and I'm from MA. I'll get to know more of you here as time goes on.

    I've been impressed with Ron Paul has been saying for a few months now. I'm shocked at the attention he is finally getting!

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    Hello, my name is Chris and I live in Colorado Springs, CO. I am in the Air Force and will be leaving in 1 month from 6 years of service. I will be moving my family to Houston, TX soon to work for NASA. I hope to be a bigger and bigger part of this great movement.


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    xcalybur, just don't drive cross country in any diapers, now, and you'll be aiight.

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    That's funny. Don't plan on it.

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    Hi, My name is Tony. I'm 27 and a life long Lib/Dem. I just learned of Ron Paul after the first GOP debate and his word sparked and interest in me so I took the time to look him up and actually find out where he stands on things. I think this man is the what this country really needs and it was just so refreshing to watch a candidte speak the truth. THe more I hear him speak the more he wins me over. I would love him take on the rest of the candidates one on one where they both get equal time.

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    37 year old systems engineer, wife and 4 kids. I'm the Organizer of the Ron Paul 2008 Southern Utah Meetup.

    My political interest peaked during the Ross Perot days and about that same time discovered The John Birch Society. I learned a lot from the Birchers and I have been involved one way or another in the patriot movement ever since.

    I am pleased to day I have never voted for a major party candidate and will continue to vote for the person most closely aligned with me values regardless of there chances of winning.

    I am sick of all the naysayers in and out of the Ron Paul circle. The founders of this country gave their lives, families and personal fortunes for the cause of liberty. If your one of those saying "I like Ron Paul, but he has no chance of winning," then you might as well be working for the opposition. I don't think I need to tell any of you, this man is the real deal.

    I can't tell you how many times I have wished Jefferson could time travel to now and fix this tell them all that this is not what they had in mind. Of course he would probably be called unpatriotic and denounced as a traitor. Well, now I can stop with my delusions of colonial men coming back from the dead, because we have the next best thing here with us now! The question is what are we willing to sacrifice? Can we be counted on to give a little of our free time after work to drum up support for Ron? It really doesn't seem too much to ask for to save this country...God help us!!!

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    My name is Chris. I'm from Illinois and I'm 38 years old with one daughter so far (we plan to have another child soon). I'm a conservative (not necessarily a Republican) who served in the Marines from '90 to '94. I support Paul because he is far and away the most conservative of all the candidates (I also like Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter).

    In addition to Paul's stance on conservative foreign policy, his beliefs about the threats from illegal immigration and free trade also appeal to me. I first heard of Ron Paul from being involved in the Minuteman Project (which was started by Constitution Party candidate Jim Gilchrist, someone I really admire).

    Mainstream candidates from both parties have disregarded the effects on the middle class regarding open borders and free trade. There are really only three candidates who address this at all, and those are Hunter, Tancredo, and Paul. While Iraq has been a disaster, the effects of this administration's open borders policy is going to be even worse, long term, for this nation. Like Pat Buchanan has long said, the nation is being transformed against its will into a third world country. It is going to take a true conservative to put a stop to this open borders ideology that will only dissolve the middle class and cause balkanization.

    I don't believe in conspiracy theories, but I do believe that the more mainstream candidates picked by the media don't have America's best interests at heart. Only corporate America benefits from our current policies, and it's time to let the American people have a say in what kind of nation we want to be.

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    I live north of Houston... Conroe - New Caney area... I suck... lol meaning i was in the military during 2000 (Marine Corps) and voted for Bush fooled, i was young dont hate me... I got out just prior to (that September day) as they call it and moved on.. im married and have 3 little monkeys. I discovered Ron Paul once a year or two ago.. and am totally amazed by him. Hero material. I havent joined any meetup groups yet I will soon. Ive donated close to 100 to the Ron Paul campaign and will be donating more prolly 50 or more a month. I work for a bank service company. I love it. I love my country more and my family even more.

    Good Dr. Ron Paul is the doctor with the cure. Our government needs a diet and a little reminding of good nutrition.

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    Bush's message in 2000 really didn't ring of what was to come following 9/11. I guess he just saw the oppurtunity and took it? He would've just been another blah president in a very long line of very blah presidents had 9/11 not occured.

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    My name is Tom and I'm a 26 year old guy living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I've worked for a Republican here and there, hoping to hear someone spread a message of small government and respectful of individual liberty.

    I had never heard of Ron Paul until the first debate, but after hearing him speak, and reading about his record, I knew this was a man I could support.

    It's about principles over party, patriotism over pandering, and hope over fear.

    I've already donated to the campaign, and I'm organizing a meetup group for this city. I hope to do more and find some help and friends, for myself and for this country in this campaign.
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    My name is Jeremy. I live in Boston MA and have been a Ron Paul fan for about 10 or more years. I am 29 years old and am excited like never before to offer the precious franchise, my vote... to the good Dr.

    I am very conservative. I voted for Buchanan in 2000 and Michael Peroutka in 2004. While both of those men great defenders of the constitution and liberty, the good Dr. has lit a fire in me and I believe a fire in the hearts of millions across this country, the silent majority if you will. I truly believe that there is going to be a ground swell of support. The time has never been better for peoples ears to open up and hear the message of liberty. The good Dr. is going to surprise everyone shortly, especially the neocon warmongers who still believe the people are still for there total disgrace of governance and global mayhem.


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    I'm phil, a student in buffalo.
    I've known about paul for a long time because of his being the only libertarian in congress, a position i've held for as long as i can remember. As soon as i heard he was running i knew how important it was for him to at least get his message out to the people regardless of his chances.

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    I'm Debora, a long time Libertarian in central VA. Like many others, I have always been impressed by Ron Paul and am thrilled he is running.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giskard View Post
    Jason, mid 30s engineer in Silicon Valley. I have been apathetic towards politics, and fatalistic and pessimistic about the future of the country... until I heard of Ron Paul's stands. I never thought there was a politician anywhere who wasn't a self-serving money-grubbing bureaucrat. I don't align myself anywhere on the Con/Lib axis. In fact I am amazed how polarized the country is, that people think there is only one axis, that they have to side with one or the other but not both. Honestly I think it's a distraction...

    We have to get RP's message out.....

    Ryan Meyer, early 20s, self-employed in West Des Moines, Iowa.

    Jason summed up my views exactly -- though my apathy expired a few years ago, and I've held somewhat paleoconservative beliefs ever since.

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    Hey friends, Paul Farris here in Austin, Tx. I want to take a moment to thank Josh Lowry for setting up this incredible site. He is an incredible guy with incredible talents who I've never even met. Thank you, sir!

    Anyway, I served eleven years in the Air Force, ten of those in Europe. I did some secondary school teaching here in the central Texas area, and worked for the gallup poll in austin as a phone interviewer. For the last six years, I've been driving commercially, hauling freight nitely between Austin and Dallas, pulling those double-trailers you love to avoid, lol. I am a member of the Teamsters. And I highly recommend you don't spend too much time near the rolling big trucks, at least not in our blind spots, and pleez avoid passing on our right.

    I have been a member of the Libertarian party and ran as a US House candidate (Ft. Hood, Waco, Temple, Williamson County) in 2002 against long-time incumbent Dem-Chet Edwards and the republican candidate, both of who endorsed war. Sitting between them in debates, I was the lone opponent of such action. Ron Paul has been a hero of mine for twenty years now. He is this country's best hope. And he is the republican party's only chance of avoiding irrelevancy, possibly forever. He is freedom's hope, he has a solid chance, but it is up to us.

    But forget all I've wrote above, how do we light the fire of our patriots in Iowa? Who do you know in Iowa? We have got to have Iowa. The Iowa strawpoll is in August, first week. I am certain there are freedom loving peoples in Iowa. I have searched the meetup site. About 25 have signed up as interested in the last many days, but no one has pulled the trigger to actualize a group. Iowa we love you. But we have to see life!!

    Now I am contemplating spending my two week end of July summer vacation with my nine-year old in Iowa supporting Ron Paul. Who's with me?

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    Hi, I'm Bob, a 48-year-old currency trader/broker, entrepreneur, engineer, and musician. I live in Arizona.

    I was first drawn to Ron Paul via his essays on the economy. Then, I checked into his bio and voting record, and was heartened and encouraged that there is at least one politician like this.

    I will do what I can via the web sites and forums I run and/or am active on, and I will certainly spread the word to people I know.

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    Default New Guy Here

    Eric H from Atlanta - 53 - Cabinet Maker/Furniture Designer

    I certainly qualify as one of the most un-interested in politics kind of people.
    I stumbled onto Ron Paul's name via other forums, but assumed he was yet another DC club member and thus - the enemy and not worth my time. Little did I know.

    One key link put me onto the 1st debate/comments by Dr. Paul, and I was stunned at the lack of BS. Indeed, it seemed I was witnessing an alignment of everything I believe about bankers and Washington, and truth on national TV. Stunning
    After a few minutes of wondering how this guy managed to be in the house, I moved on to checking out his site, history and this forum.

    If enough people hear what he has to say, it would make things very interesting for our current lineup of money changers.

    Best To All

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    Hi, I'm Bosso
    Charlotte, NC
    Grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa., next neighborhood over from Ron Paul.
    I met Ron at the SC debate and he told me that he delivered milk to us while working for the local dairy...small world.

    I'm a builder. My carreer is firmly affixed to the interest rate and money supply. I've been through the endless cycles of inflation/recession and I'm sick to death of it.

    A pleasure to read all of your posts.



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    Hi everybody,

    I'm 30, married and live in Austin, TX, where I rock a cube by day and a stage by night! Ha. My wife and I do have a band - - and a punk/indie karaoke show - - and have a lot of fun in this town.

    I was raised a Dittohead by Wisconsin parents who claimed to be Consitutionalists, but I've seen them fall into ReligiousRight WarForever politics while I've gravitated towards the libertarians, via reason magazine. I'm not sure when I first heard of Ron Paul, but over the years my respect for him has grown continuously, and I'm thrilled to be spreading the word to help him become our next president. By the end of the week, he will be the first politician I've ever donated money to.

    Ron Paul 2008!

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    Is this thread supposed to be sticky or not?

    My name is Josh. I'm a young libertarian from Maryland; college starts this fall. Fortunately I'll be old enough to vote for Ron Paul. I learned about Ron Paul through my economics teacher a few months ago, but unfortunately didn't start keeping up until the debates. Shame!

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    My name is Sean Edwards. I'm 38 years old. Live in the SF Bay area. I used to work as an internetwork engineer. When I was 35 I enlisted in the US Army. I ended up being discharged for a back problem. Most recently, I've started attending college full-time, with the intention of picking up a BS in biological science, maybe bioinformatics.

    I've been a fan of Ron Paul for years, ever since I came across some of his writings on the Internet. He is probably the only American politician that really gets me excited. Seeing the groundswell of internet response to the message Ron Paul has quietly been delivering for at least the past decade has had me glued in front of my computer. I feel like I have a ringside seat on historic events. When Ron Paul takes the oath of office, I hope to be there.

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    hey Josh,

    I'm Julian. I live in NJ. I'm a high school student at a medical academy. I want to be a surgeon when I'm older. I also want to write on the side, and hopefully be a politician one day.

    Why am I rooting for Ron Paul?

    Because I love my country, and I love freedom.

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