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Thread: Introduce yourself! Who, What, Where, Why!

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    Default Hello

    Hi everyone,
    This is great, a forum to get all us hoodlums together. I'm from New Hampshire, and I have a problem: I can't wean myself from Ron Paul. Looks like I'm stuck with this problem for the next couple of years.



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    My name is Pete and I heard about Ron Paul thanks to a local show in the Norfolk area, the Tony Macrini Show heard 6-10 on AM 790. His show is also available on the internet on WNIS. He plugs Dr. Paul. It has been a few years. In fact they use to post a story about Davy Crockett that they got from Ron's site years ago. A priceless piece.
    I consider myself a libertarian. My family had a long tradition of voting Republican since Lincoln. With the current administration I felt we were led astray as to how conservative they really were.
    I am trying to spread the word as best I can.

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    Cool My name is James Theobald

    I was never interested in politics or history until 911 occurred. Since then it has been one of my obsessions. I am a long-haired hippy-type jazz/rock musician that works at a coffee shop in Central California. I always thought that I was a liberal, I guess I am in respect to women's rights, gay rights and the like, though I am on the fence about some abortion issues, especially Partial Birth abortion. More and more, I am beginning to realize that I am actually a libertarian. Listening to Ron Paul's speeches, I have learned that Republicans have never lived up to the standards of the platform that the party is supposed to represent, i.e limited scope of government, fiscal responsibility, et al. I discovered Ron Paul shortly after 911, when he was one of the few congresspeople decrying the patriot act, as well as one of the few politicians who seems to have any inkling about the sound principles that this country was founded upon. I have told people for years about this maverick politician from Texas, and have throughout the years said that I would support him in a bid for his presidency. This is the first time I've been excited about ANY political candidate. Also, the first time I have registered to vote as a Republican, a big move for me. I intend to urge everyone to vote for Dr. Paul as a write-in candidate in Nov. '08 if he should fail to win the primaries. In the last election I voted for 'the lesser-of-two-evils', John Kerry, however, this time I will vote from my conscience and from my heart, and that vote is for Ron Paul! Lastly, I would like to get personally involved with Mr. Paul's campaign somehow.

    That's it for now, glad to be here.

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    Default The new guy

    Ken Edwards here. Been a fan of Dr. Paul for a few years. Once I saw how he performed in the debate I figured I should do something to help. I was appaled to see the utter lack of coverage on Dr. Paul due to a media blackout. I don't have much money, But I got a computer. And so, Like an Illegal Alien with a plan I chose to evade those annoying borders.

    I'll be updating my videos and continue to put out meaningful, non character smearing work as the debates continue.

    Please folks. Show your support for Ron Paul by showing your support for him, not by showing your lack of support for another canidate. There is no need to marginalize him like that. Congressman Paul is above that. And so are we.

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    I am currently residing in North Dakota and have decided to support Ron Paul mostly because I have many (many) hours of free time with nothing to do. I am not a total die hard Ron Paul fan, I do disagree with some of what he says. I DO support the current war which is one of the main topics that we diverge on. You can check out some of my websites below and help support Ron Paul. - Track your favorite candidate's popularity.

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    Default Hello from San Antonio

    Just a quick hello from San Antonio, Texas.

    I can't vote yet (not yet a US citizen) but I'm going to try and help spread the word. I've seen what mega-government big-brother nanny-statism has done to my native Britain which is why I support the Doc's values. I hate to see the U.S. going down the same route.

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    Hi everyone

    My name is Jen and I'm 31 year old currently living in Chicago. I've been a supporter of Ron Paul for a couple years now and I'm really looking forward to seeing him shine as a presidential candidate.

    I'm really excited about these forums, thanks for creating them!

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    Hi, I'm Linda from Midland Texas. Work as an independant contractor doing electrical/instrument design in the petrochemical industry. I'm 50 years old, prior to this year I had no political interest or opinions whatsoever. Events of the last few years have changed that. I find that I can agree with and support most of Dr Paul's positions, and I will do whatever I can to help his campaign.

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    Welcome Texasmom,
    Glad ya made it over here. These people are serious for Ron. ( I'm NHboy)

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    My name is Teflon and I'm the master of it. I got the link from Sherdog forums, the war room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teflon Master View Post
    My name is Teflon and I'm the master of it. I got the link from Sherdog forums, the war room.
    Are you the Teflon Master from IC Database and PW?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cujothekitten View Post
    Are you the Teflon Master from IC Database and PW?
    From the old days, they don't like me around those parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teflon Master View Post
    My name is Teflon and I'm the master of it. I got the link from Sherdog forums, the war room.

    Excellent, every forum needs a Teflon Master.

    Glad to have you aboard, every member that has joined up is very valuable to Dr.Paul's campaign.

    Reading everyone's introductions is very inspiring. We should be able to exchange some great ideas and organize some working "strategies for success." Things are really warming up!

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    Semper FI
    58 yr old former Marine, member of Constitution Party, registered as Repub., been a fan of Ron Paul for a long long time. Lived in Victoria TX in the heart of his district and would again if it would help. Ron Paul is the only Jeffersonian federalist going who understands the constitutional limits to our leviathan federal bureaucracy.



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    Hi, I am Kelldor. I live in Washington State. I 1st heard of Ron Paul when I saw America: Freedom to Fascism in early January. That moment for me was "taking the red pill". I was Neo-Conned, bad. I loved watching Faux News. Big O was my hero.

    Since then I spent some time apologizing to my friends and family for being so stupid, and dumming them down with my regurgitated garbage. I am thinking more clearly now, able to think for myself, and I completed my internal re-evaluation of my political leanings. Previously I put myself in the "South Park Conservative" category, which is not conservative for the sake of being conservative, it's just plain being sick of whiny liberals is all. Now days, after doing lots of research into Ron Paul, I have found myself checking out other parties.

    I looked at the Libertarian Party, but I don't like their position on illegal immigration, and that they would just end social security w/o trying to fix it 1st. Now I'm liking what I see from the Constitution Party. So far in their poll, they appear to be supporting Ron Paul as well.

    I have been interested in foreign policy for a long time, and i was really for this new doctrine of pre-emption. I had read articles at the Council on Foreign Relations site often, before I came to know that they are the bad guys.

    I used to hate conspiracy nuts, now I am one, lol! I spend a lot of hours doing research into topics I was not previously interested in though, and fortunately I have learned a lot from it. I don't think I would have increased my knowledge or come around in my thinking if it wasn't for Dr. Paul, and for that, I say "Thank you".

    My research has led me to some very startling conclusions about the real state of our nation though. I am extremely concerned about this North American Union/SPPI/Trans-Texas Corridor/Transatlantic Economic Integration with the EU. Ron Paul is the only candidate that I have heard to speak on this topic. I write my senators and representatives a lot, but to no avail, they are all bought and paid for by special interests. Their replies just suck!

    In closing, I'd like to leave 1 bit of advice, cause it worked on me. If you have someone you care about, and they don't have a clue, show them America: Freedom to Fascism, and spark their interest into the corruption within the Federal Reserve system. The reason is, that if you can grasp the fact that we have been royally screwed over since 1913 while not even realizing it, all of a sudden it makes you more open to the other possibilities as far as what other things our government has been doing without our knowledge.

    I am glad to be able to join you on this forum! Go Ron Paul!!


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    Hi all !
    My name is Kirk and I live in Pennsylvania. I'm a green party member but will be switching my party to republican so I can vote for Dr. Paul in the primary.
    The whole thing is about change. Bringing back American values and rights. And I'm all for that. Keep up the good work!

    My youtube name is CrazyCurtisLow

    "Energy and persistence conquer all things"
    Benjamin Franklin
    The greatest sins are those who remain silent in the face of evil.

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    Greg, 40s, work in IT in the DC area. Small "l" libertarian.

    I want Paul to have enough of a voice to influence the outcome of the GOP primaries. The Republicans have picked up some nasty bedfellows and have relied on bad habits for too long, and the two outcomes if they continue in that direction are a descent into fascism on the right and political domination by an increasingly liberal party on the left, as the right becomes doctrinaire and irrelevant. I'm backing Paul to redeem the GOP. My expectation is it will take the Republicans at least one more bloody nose until they Get The Message, just as it took the Dems 12 years of losing before they figured out their product wasn't selling any more.
    If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever. -- Saint Thomas Aquinas

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm Angela, 43 year-old homemaker from a Chicago suburb. I've read Dr. Paul's writings for years and always thought he was on target with most issues.

    I call myself a conservative, but since I feel that the GOP has been hijacked by the religious right and big business, I hate to think of myself as a Republican.

    I don't necessarily agree with the Libertarian philosophy on the environment: I'm not buying the whole "global Warming" hype, but I'm old enough to remember when the Miami River in Cleveland caught on fire, and the cost of litigation is far too great for that to truly be the only recourse.

    There's a couple of other issues too, but I'm estatic to see anything resembling a conservative capturing an iota of the spotlight.

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    My Name is Eric.

    I'm 36 - married - and have two young children.

    I live in Illinois and work primarily in Iowa - as a programming consultant

    I've been a long time fan of Ron Paul and love that he is introducing real conservative ideas back into the GOP.

    This is only the second time in my life I have donated money to a politician and I wish to do more.

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    My name is Mike, I am 23 and I live in New York. I work for a television studio in Manhattan but I am looking to change jobs very soon in exchange for a job with a bit more "freedom of expression."

    I am a recovering neo-conservative. Used to be big fan of Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. Found Ron Paul through the internet.

    I like Ron Paul because he represents change. He represents a legitamite alternative to the left wing vs. right wing football game that has taken over the country.

    I believe in the Constitution. I believe the government should stay the hell out of our business. I believe in personal responsibility, working hard, fighting for what is right, and that human progress is the most important thing.

    I believe that Americans are spoiled and need a good swift kick in the ass to remind them to fight for their way of life.

    Feel free to myspace me, the more the merrier.

    -Mike C

    P.S. I am also looking to make a move to Austin, Texas sometimes soon and would love to BS with people about the film and political scene down there.

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    Hi, my name is Theo Roth. I'm almost sixteen, and am going into my 10th grade year in the fall. Sadly, I will not be able to vote for Ron, but I still can in all the internet polls and the like.

    My political views are just now coming into place, but I lean conservative with more libertarian views, but I also support a strong military and plan on entering the ROTC in college.

    Currently, I am trying to convince as many people as possible to vote for Ron Paul (actually, its more like get as many people as possible to find out who Ron Paul is). I have about got my dad worked over, but my mom is a hard sell (All she knows right now is "I'm NOT voting for another Clinton!"). Also, I'm trying to start some stuff up at school, but since were almost out, it might have to wait till next year.

    Hopefully the rest of you guys can carry the load.

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    Hi, I'm Matt from Columbus, OH. A 24 year old graduate of The Ohio State University. I will keep it short. If there is anyone else in the area that would like to meet up feel free to contact me. We have the Nations largest college to reach out to. And remember who ever wins Ohio wins the election!

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    Default hi

    I am Jennifer, age 28. I live in Dallas and am about to start the Dallas meetup group. I found Ron Paul through my husband. I have a low level job and two children.

    We have been telling everyone we know about RP and they are starting to listen. I am starting small, with my myspace page and my yahoo messenger. But hopefully, I can soon really have my voice heard.

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    Name is Tim from Seattle area. A 40 year old libertarian, i ran for State Treasurer in 2000. Formerly a $billion investment portfolio manager investing primarily in gov't debt instruments - how ironic as i was educated about freedom in HS.

    I frequently have LTEs published in the Seattle papers, and often quote Dr. Paul directly (including a recent one on the AP coverage of the first debate). Will register - with reservation - as a R - and work with a few other libertarians to try and influence the delagate allocation for this state. We have a caucus system, so would be curious to find out if anyone else has tried to influence or been involved in this process.

    I'm very much a social liberal and a fiscal conservative.

    The good doctor makes me very proud.

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    My name is Martin and I'm a 19 year old student who lives in Luleň, Sweden. I'm really interested in American politics and I see myself as a libertarian/classic conservative. I read books by authors such as Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman.

    "Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy." Margaret Thatcher

    In Sweden we dont read about the constitution in school, but I have read it on the Internet and I think it's one of the greatest documents ever written. I believe America can be great again if it goes back to the values of the constitution. A big problem today is that government has waay to much power. Government is what creates injustice and economic inequality, in Sweden we have a really big government and it's only a source of great trouble.

    I believe every American wants the constituion to be followed and if Ron Paul gets nominated he will win. America needs to be restored to what it was meant to be.

    "A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government." Thomas Jefferson

    /Martin Bucht

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    Default 161 Inf 7 Years

    lOVE THE IDEA ...We the soldiers were sworn to defend the constitution from both afar and domestic it isnt hard to follow a man that stands for the same.: I can respect someone who stands his ground keeps his word and speaks truth he has my vote.:

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    Howdy! I'm Matt. I sell Diebold voting machines and the votes to go with 'em! (OK, just kidding - I work in information security.) I'm from the Morgantown, WV area, and am registered Libertarian. I've been around the libertarian community for a while now, here and elsewhere, and I'm glad to see Dr. Paul pursuing this nomination, even if it is as a Republican (but hell, fixes the ballot access issue...) If he/we can pull out a R primary win, then anything is possible. His performance at the R debate sure put his name on the map. Here's to politics we're not disgusted at! If you don't smile every time you see my avatar, you have no soul.

    PS; Buggan, it's neat to see a Swede here - I've got a few real good Swedish friends who tell me how hosed up the political landscape there is. :-(
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    I was so impressed with Ron Paul's performance in the SC debate that I sent him a check on Wednesday.

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    Are we sure Ron Paul wasn't born sometime in the 18th century and been a founding father or our nation?

    I'm Lee Badragan from Aurora, IL. I work in Medical Billing (though I'm between jobs at the moment). And I absolutely love Ron Paul. Would love to meet him. I made a donation to his campaign, bought a bumper sticker, and will do everything I can to get him elected. If a bunch of peasants defeated the British Empire to form this great nation, Ron Paul can win the presidency.

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    Default John in Richmond

    I'm John and I live in Richmond, VA. I figured this would be a good place for my first post to this forum.

    Ron Paul is the first presidential candidate who has really energized me to take action. Since yesterday I have:

    -spent 3-4 hours reading and watching about Ron's campaign on the internet
    -sent a donation to the campaign
    -ordered liberty cards
    -joined this forum

    I would describe myself as an independent who is fed up with the status quo of our federal government. I know there is a group in the Tidewater area. If anyone in the Richmond, VA area wants to get a Ron Paul group started, send me an email.

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