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Thread: Introduce yourself! Who, What, Where, Why!

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    Introduce yourself! Who, What, Where, Why!

    My name is Josh, I live in Houston, TX and I am a big Ron Paul supporter. I am a Realtor by trade and also run

    As far as contributing to Ron Paul, I can talk with my friends and family. I also will be hitting the streets once we get some stuff organized with the Houston group. I think hitting the streets and being active in the offline community is going to be the number one key to getting the word out on this great man.

    On the internet I run this website and will try to be as active on here as I can be. I will be working with our online community to make this board one of the best resources possible for Ron Paul grassroot campaigns.

    Please share who you are, where you are from, what you do for work, and what kind of special connections or things can you do to help Dr. Ron Paul out. You don't have to provide specifics, but I do want to get to know as many of you supporters out there as I can!

    Your turn...

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    My name is Michael Wilson. I am a sailor in the United States Navy and I support everything that Ron Paul has to say. I am part of the Norfolk , VA MeetUp group and my wife and I have been spreading the word, and we plan on doing alot more in months to come.

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    My name is Chris Koschik and I am a 26 year old writer from Denver, Colorado. I spent 4 years in the Army in the special forces but, luckily, the end of my term of service expired just a few short months before 911, so I didn't have to spend 10 years in jail for refusing to participate in the war crime that is Iraq and Afghanistan, woohoo!

    I guess the best way to describe me politically is, "mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore!". I want a change. Bad. A real change, and I'm not dumb enough to fall for these AIPAC cronies false messages and lies any longer.

    Ron Paul's positions are sincere and stand shoulder to shoulder with what this country was founded on. I found this forum and am hoping it will be a place to share ideas, frustrations, information, and even organize things!

    Glad to meet you all.

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    My name is Brian Papke. I am 31 years old and currently unemployed. looking forward to doing what I can with the Austin Texas meetup group and having a great time being this excited about a candidate.

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    I'm Julie and I am a 19 year old college student from Simi Valley, California.

    Politically, I am frustrated and disgusted with the direction our country is headed and have since become uplifted by Dr. Paul's candidacy. I am truly humbled by seeing how people of all different backgrounds have become united and continue to unite through his message of freedom and a return to the America that our forefathers intended her to be.

    I'm getting the word out with all family and friends as well as mentioning Dr. Paul to anyone I come across on my daily happenings. I am a part of the Pasadena meetup and am motivated and ready to hit the streets and do everything I can to help!

    It's really fantastic to meet you all on here and to have a forum where we can speak out and discuss the important issues facing us today.

    I am also on myspace and encourage anyone on here to add me if you like.

    Looking forward to the revolution!

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    I'm Bryan, work as an engineer in Houston and want to restore real freedom in this country. I've been following Dr. Paul for a number of years now and want to do everything I can to help the campaign. I'm part of the Houston Meet-up group.

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    I'm Kandice and I'm a libertarian.

    I live in Norfolk, VA and my husband and I started the meetup group for Norfolk. We are both Libertarians, but we are changing our party affiliation to vote for Ron Paul. I found out about Ron Paul from the Myspace Impact and decided that it would be best if I put my support behind him instead of a third party candidate. I am going to do whatever is in my power to support Ron Paul. I am tired of hearing people say that they like Ron Paul but he won't win. I know that if enough people work together that we can get Ron Paul elected.

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    Howdy Everyone! I'm an staunch supporter of Dr. Paul and have been for many years. I'm Conservative Libertarian and I've hoped Paul would run for the presidency for ages now. I'm elated that he decided to throw his hat in the ring.

    I'm also fed up with the current state of affairs at almost every level of government. It's been going from bad to worse for decades now and it I do believe it's absolutely UP TO US to make this change happen NOW. Dr. Paul is the catalyst that will make this change happen.

    I'm a member of the Austin Meetup Group and am really looking forward to getting involved with as many of y'all as possible - whether online or in person - so that together we can "make this dog hunt" (as we country folk say).

    A bit about myself: I'm a Primitive Contractor, which is a fancy way of saying I build log cabins (new and refurbishments, etc.) for a living. I'm also a rancher (which isn't much of a living ... trust me). My wife and I are also avid living historians, and reenact the Texas Revolution and Republic of Texas era (c.1836). Although there's not much in the way of active links, I do have a website with us in our period duds at

    I'm glad to be a part of this forum.

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    Jason, mid 30s engineer in Silicon Valley. I have been apathetic towards politics, and fatalistic and pessimistic about the future of the country... until I heard of Ron Paul's stands. I never thought there was a politician anywhere who wasn't a self-serving money-grubbing bureaucrat. I don't align myself anywhere on the Con/Lib axis. In fact I am amazed how polarized the country is, that people think there is only one axis, that they have to side with one or the other but not both. Honestly I think it's a distraction...

    We have to get RP's message out.....
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    Hello all. My name is Bruce and I am a professional trombone player as well as private teacher. In the past i have been somewhat against the establishment, to put it lightly. Now with Dr. Paul i feel a sense of hope... I am still against the establishment, just not Dr. Paul's establishment. ;-)

    I have temporarily moved to Dallas, TX from Atlanta, GA. I can tell you that just about all my friends in the ATL are pro Ron Paul... Thank god because i would have many friends if they weren't.

    Fr. B.

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    I am 30 yo financial analyst and MBA student in Austin, Texas. I believe (as did George Washington) that political parties destroy the political process. I do not belong to a political party, and I don't anticipate ever joining one.

    I have always been a supporter of Ron Paul, and I am considering moving to the Texas coast after graduation so that I can live in his district (Lloyd Dogget -ugh!). Of course that may not be necessary if we manage to get him elected.

    On May 24th, I will be meeting Dr. Paul at his Congressional office in DC. I will make sure that I share with him the dedication & support that everyone out here on the "internets" has for him.

    I am pleased to be a member here.

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    My name is Brian proudly from Ron Pauls hometown of Pittsburgh. I believe that the republicans and democrats are one in the same. They are the empire. The people are the Republic. We the people will win one way or another. The empire will lose even if Ron Paul is not elected or if there is some type of attack to scare us. This grassroots effort, Ron Paul educating the the United States and the World will lead to the elites versus the people in one way or another.

    Vote for yourself.
    We will win.
    Revolution will happen if the people do not win.
    People are the vote.
    The empire is the elite.
    Truth is Truth.
    Freedom is Freedom.

    In 1984 state is all that matters not the person.
    Do not be a zombie. Do not conform to any party.
    Read Brave New World and, 1984.
    That is where we will be if Ron Paul is not elected.
    National ID watch Rudy and McCain at the Regan Libary Debate May 07.
    Democrat presidental canidates also support this ID.
    If he is not elected the people have no say.
    If the people have no say in the vote then the people must revolt.
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    I'm Shannon and live in Bandera, TX. Ron Paul introduced me to the Lib party in 1988, the first year I was eligible to vote, and I am forever in his debt!

    I have four young children and I used to be a teacher.

    I am excited about a presidential election for the first time in 20 years!

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    Dave, I live in Northern Ca. I had become disillusioned with the whole political process and how Washington works until Ron Paul announced his run for the white house. It is refreshing to hear a genuine statesman and man of integrity speak. I believe the ultimate reform of the federal governement will not happen until we do what is fundamentally needed.

    1. We need to have a sound currency backed by gold to reign in the deficit spending that leads to inflation and the great transfer of wealth to the average citizen to wall street.

    2. Abolish the IRS and repeal the 16th amendment. This will hamper the Fed from the theft of private property of the average citizen.

    3. We need a non-interventionist foreign policy. Not an isolationist policy as so many in the mainstream label this. We still trade and have relations with other countries of the world.

    These three things will go a long way in restoring our republic to the way it was intended to be by our founding fathers.
    I believe Ron Paul is the man for the job in 2008.

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    Greg Chudy
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    My name's Aaron and I'm 26 from Cincinnati. I'm a professional musician (singer) and our craft has been slowly going downhill because government is cutting funding for the arts due to overspending everywhere else!

    I'm just hungry for a change in America and am impressed by Dr. Paul's intelligence and ideas. I want to keep this country great!

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    Another day, another mainstream Ron Paul marginalization.

    Im Jay From Va. Today on A.M. "talk" radio the "Money Talk" program was
    conducting an interview w/ John Zogby. The major "poller". Discussing '08 candidates, they stayed focused on all the "major players"(Mccain, Guiliani,Clinton,Obama,).Talking Republicans, the host called Guiliani a "true conservative", and spoke of the other candidates "conservative credentials".After what seemed like talking point eternity, the host says, in a cynical tone: "What about Ron Paul? We hadda Ron Paul supporter call in earlier". John Zogby (in a calm, self assurred tone:"Wellllll, Ron Paul is a LIBERTARIAN candidate" who may "have some support among Libertarians and the anti war crowd" may get "2or 3%".
    Ron Paul, maybe the last real CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN, has been
    marginalised by the nations leading "poll guy".Someone of Zogbys ilk would certainly know Pauls party affiliation. Its his job! Yet they write him off and characterize him as just another fringe "anti war Libertarian". It could not be more apparent that Paul is a true theat to the Status Quo. And perhaps, this country's
    only hope in '08. Get Movin, and good day.

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    Marianne, 38 yo, from Excelsior MN. I Digg as mstebbins, and my other identies (MySpace, blogger, flicker, god-knows-what-else-I've-signed-up-for-in-the-pursuit-of-Ron-Paul's-election) are usually either Scribbler de Stebbing or mstebbins. I blog at both John Adams Blog, a blog of my debate society and my own, more Paul-friendly blog, On Scribbler's Mind.

    I've long straddled the Republican/Libertarian fence, but have become somewhat fed up with many of my GOP friends over their blind loyalty to this damn war.

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    Permanent resident, but hope to be a citizen soon, so that I'll be able to vote for Dr. Ron Paul.

    Have lived in US (Los Angeles) for 10 years now. Married, 4 pets. A bit of a recluse, but willing to get out of my shell in order to support Dr. Paul. Joined a local Ron Paul meetup group (Pasadena), but now that I've heard Ron Paul speak, every day seems like a week, and I can't wait to do my best to contribute to his campaign.

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    My name is David, and I'm a huge Ron Paul fan. I first discovered Ron Paul in 1987, when he started his first presidential bid. If not for Ron Paul, I don't think I would be a libertarian. Now that he's running again twenty years later, I'm ecstatic.

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    Hello, I'm Erin, a 28 year old freelance designer and mother to two young children. We live on the east coast of VA. I am a libertarian and am raising my children in liberty as well. I'm very excited about the potential for Ron Paul to reach a lot of people with the freedom message and I want to do everything I can to help him with that.

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    My name is Dustin Dollar and I grew up on an Indiana farm. In 2001 I joined the Air Force and was stationed here in Oklahoma City. I left the military in 2005 and now I'm an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Oklahoma.

    I'm registered as an Independent but I might switch to Republican just so I can vote in the primary for Ron Paul. I have never fit on the one dimensional liberal/conservative line either.

    I have never been this excited about a candidate before. In 2004 I didn't even vote because I refused to choose between a joker and a clown. I don't know much about campaigning but right now I'm trying to tell as many people as I can about Ron Paul.

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    Hi everybody!!!

    We're Ayn's Closet. There are five of us here, and we're all doing everything we can think of to help Ron Paul get elected. We had been making t-shirts and other products for a while when one of us had the bright idea to start a Ron Paul section of the store and donate half the profits to the Ron Paul campaign. It really took off, and we're now able to give 100% of the profits. Of course it helps us pay the bills when we sell some of our other stuff, lol, but the focus is on the Ron Paul products.

    This looks like a great forum - we're really happy to be here!

    Ron Paul '08!!!

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    Paul Eres, in Paterson, New Jersey. I'm an independent game developer ( I also run the Ron Paul LiveJournal community, so if any of you are on LiveJournal feel free to join it: (I'm "rinku" there).

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    My name is Matt Pyeatt. I am the oldest grandson of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX). I am a school teacher in Texas. (US History) I am married and have a young son. I am 26 years old.

    I have been taught by the best from the perspective of economics, foreign policy, and limited government. I really began to think and listen to my grandfather when I was 14 years old. This date happens to coincide with my first of seven readings of The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

    I have worked on campaigns for my grandfather since 1996. I have learned a lot from the man that many of you have come to support for president.

    One thing I can tell you about him is that he is as genuine in person as he is on television. He truly believes the things he says, backs them up with his votes in Congress, and lives a very normal and happy life in Texas.
    Matt Pyeatt
    Vote Ron Paul 2008

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    I'm Craig Royce, 32, machinist, Libertarian. I live in a little town in Wisconsin doing what I can to spread the message, glad to be here

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    Gabe, 24, accountant from central Minnesota. I have participated in the Independence Party of Minnesota caucuses in the past, was district chairman for a year, but now I am going to infiltrate the Republican Primary and get an actual fiscal conservative elected.
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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Brett and I am an intolerant Constitutionalist living in Austin, TX.

    I believe Ron Paul is the only acceptable candidate for president.

    When I heard he was officially running, it brought tears of joy to my eyes.

    Ron Paul is the only one who can bring the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, the heart of America, back to life.

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    I'm a network administrator living near Sacramento, Ca. I consider myself an amateur political analyst. I follow along the lines of a libertarian / constitutionalist. So you can see why I am obviously drawn to Ron Paul. I am sickened at the amount of civil liberties people willingly threw away to the fear mongering neo-con bush administration. Even more liberties have been eroded away due to the nationís complacency and to this administrationís duplicity.

    I thoroughly look forward to Ron Paulís inauguration.

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