Senator Paul Presents Alternative Infrastructure Plan

September 25, 2011 by Trevor Lyman

WASHINGTON, D.C. Ė This week Sen. Rand Paul addressed the issue of our nationís emergency infrastructure needs, urged action from Administration officials, and offered a solution to this critical problem.

On Thursday, he accepted President Obamaís invitation to travel with him and brief him on his plan to fix our nationís crumbling infrastructure.

And today, Sen. Paul visited the Sherman-Minton Bridge in Louisville, Ky. Leading a group of Administration officials including U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez and local officials.

Sen. Paulís plan creates an emergency bridge fund. This fund will use money previously set aside for unnecessary projects like turtle tunnels, squirrel sanctuaries, and flower beds. It will also direct the Highway Funds Administrator to develop a national priority list for infrastructure emergencies and disburse the money based on critical needs.

ďIíve talked with the President. Iíve talked with Sec. LaHood. The problem our nationís infrastructure faces is very real Ė and needs immediate attention. But the solution to this shouldnít create more problems, like increased debt. I am advocating for our needs as Kentuckians and Americans and pairing them with smart cuts in other less important funding areas. This approach can succeed on a bipartisan basis,.Ē