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Thread: Please support Jim Greenfield in his money bomb today (9/12)

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    Please support Jim Greenfield in his money bomb today (9/12)

    Jim Greenfield a very strong tea party republican for the special election in United States Congressional District 1 in Oregon is having a “Money Bomb” today (9/24), to raise as much as he can on one day. Jim believe in balancing our budgets right away, supports a constitutional amendment to balance the budget and opposed the debt deal because it didn’t cut enough, and believes in the elimination of the Federal Dep. Of Education/FHA/HUD/Labor/ect. He also wants to pullout of Iraq and Afghanistan, and thinks it’s wrong to use large armies to invade and occupy other countries unless they attack us. This is a man who believes in liberty and freedom. Please consider even a small donation of $25 or $50, every dollar counts (I know I will be donating!). You can learn more about him here: .You can donate here:

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    I got my ballot in the mail. Don't know anything about these guys running, but Greenfield's statement in the voter pamphlet was the best by a long shot. I don't know a whole lot about him, though.

    Where's he stand on civil liberties? Auditing the Fed? What's his take on the Patriot Act?

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    is this the guy whos sign has an american flag with the gadsen snake on it and says something like"end the wars"?
    If so he has a sign along 26 going west.
    Ill have to look into him, he sounds promising.
    “Our 'neoconservatives' are neither new nor conservative, but old as Babylon and evil as Hell”

    Edward Abbey

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