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Thread: November 5th, 2007 take the money bomb to the next level

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    November 5th, 2007 take the money bomb to the next level

    Tell people about it! Tell 10 people you know via email that you donated.

    Tell them why you donated! Then please share assets, convert new voters and heck have them donate too!
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    Write Your Newspaper

    I just sent this to our local paper - subject to more edits-- comments welcome!

    The Fairfield Ron Paul for President MeetUp group opened it's office on Fairfield's town square during the November Artwalk last week. It's a tiny office - formerly a passageway between two buildings next to Hendersons Framing on the north side of the square. "The size of our office is in keeping with Dr. Paul's view of limited Federal Government" said Dr Brian Horsfield, organizer for the local MeetUp group - one of more than 1100 around the country and even around the world. "Our meetup is fairly typical of those around the country with 30 active members and considerably more identified supporters who have not joined the local meetup group. " said Dr. Horsfield.

    Numbers are growing steadily now over 60,000 in Ron Paul MeetUps, by far the largest of any presidential candidate. Second in Meetup group size is Barack Obama with fewer than 5500 members. Support for Dr Paul is evident in a national fundraising drive for Ron Paul on November 5th organized independently of the official campaign and which at press time has over (likely $3 million) in online donations.

    "This is probably the largest one day on-line fund raising for any presidential candidate ever, anywhere in the world" said Dr Horsfield. "People are tired of large central government that overspends, prints money seemingly with no care to debasing the value of our dollar, and insists on funding a very unpopular foreign policy which we cannot afford. Dr Paul simply wants to limit the role of the Federal Government to that which is defined in the Constitution."

    The message is seems to becoming very popular if the slew of wins at GOP straw polls around the nation is anything to go by. "It's a little known fact that in 31 Republican Straw Polls since Ames, Ron Paul has won 14 and placed in the top 3 in a staggering 26 of these 31 GOP straw polls compiled at"

    The local office will be open Weekdays from 1-3pm initially and will have a booth at the Farmers Market every Saturday. To find out more, or join the local MeetUp please visit:

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    That's awsome. We need someone from the North Texas Meetups to do something like this. We were at the Texas Motor Speedway with Ron Paul booth this weekend and we passed out almost 20,000 flyers and and over 5,000 balloons. It was a great event. I wish we could do what you are doing and advertise this somehow to coincide with Nov. 5th.
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    awesome - keep it spreading.
    Proudly in favor of firing Jesse Benton since 2007. Here's a 2008 classic post.

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