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    Organizing Events

    I currently live in the Cheyenne area and I'm eager to get the word out about defending our liberty. Is anyone interested in organizing a rally? Maybe the amphitheater at Lion's Park? I'd be willing to give a speech. I'm willing to do anything to get this extremely crucial message out. Please respond with ideas, things already in motion, etc. Thanks!


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    Welcome to the forums!

    This is off topic but are you a Precinct Committeeman (PC)? If not, please consider becoming one. PCs are automatic delegates at the County Convention where your vote has more significance than the average voter. The only requirement is that you are a registered Republican.

    Laramie County currently has 51 PC vacancies. You can check to see if your precinct has a vacancy by downloading the Excel file here:

    If there is a vacancy, you can email the Chairman and simply state that you would like to be appointed as a PC for your precinct.

    This is really important in Wyoming because supporters can become delegates today by virtue of the many vacant PC positions all over the state. PM me if you have any questions and let your friends who support Ron Paul know too.
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    Two useful resources for you.

    Two useful resources for you. Indeed, for everyone on the Wyoming forum.

    Wyoming GOP

    Wyoming Liberty Groups You may meet some interesting folks at the First Tuesday event (which is tonight, come to think of it).
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