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Thread: WaPo: Paul seeks mainstream treatment at CNN/Tea Party Express debate

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    WaPo: Paul seeks mainstream treatment at CNN/Tea Party Express debate

    So who is the picture underneath the title of? Cain and Hannity.....
    "Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesn't want to hear. -Ron Paul

    "Bathtub falls and police officers kill more Americans than terrorism, yet we've been asked to sacrifice our most sacred rights for fear of falling victim to it." -Edward Snowden

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    Condescending garbage... even the title.
    Original supporter of Ron Paul since 2007 and lifelong supporter of liberty and the Constitution. I stand with Rand.

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    Why do I keep seeing CNN/Tea Party Express?
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    I don't really care if I happen to be wrong about your positions, you are wrong about mine.
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    My tax dollars paid to fund ISIS and make fake beheading videos. Are you saying we shouldn't get our monies worth??

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