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Thread: They Want to Ignore Ron Paul? They Can't Ignore US!

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    They Want to Ignore Ron Paul? They Can't Ignore US!

    Are you terrified of public speaking? Don't be! Calling into a radio show is easy to do, and just think of it as a one on one with the show host if that helps! The media can ignore Ron Paul, but they can't ignore us when we all make our voices heard! (tip - always be gracious and kind, this is a love r3volution after all!)

    I've also been very successful at getting Robin Koerner media appearances that fit with his coalition for Ron Paul target group (Democrats and Independents) Robin's Blue Republican movement is making real waves, and Your coalition for Ron Paul should be too!

    If you belong to a coalition, please consider being interviewed on relevant radio, TV and for print publications, it's easier than you think! The media usually has to go looking for stories - so bring them one!

    Ron Paul can't be everywhere all the time, but we can!

    A few of Robin Koerner's interviews (and one of mine) can be found at his coalition facebook page -

    And - A Sure Way To Help Knock Every MoneyBomb Out Of The Park? - a week before the money bomb, call into talk radio shows and let their audiences know about it! The day before the MoneyBomb and the day of, hit the phones really hard! I was on Free Talk Live for the last one - it was fun and felt good!

    Libertarian shows -

    2nd Amendment shows -

    Conservative shows -

    "Politically open" shows -

    Liberal/Progressive shows -

    Did I miss any?!

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    Awesome list....I'll check these out. Shiffradio as #1? +rep
    Capitalists can exploit you only with your permission: by trading with you, selling to you, asking you to sell out.

    Government exploits you at the point of a gun.

    As long as you limit the power of the latter, the former can only exploit by providing better products, services and options. if they collude, then all bets are off. But that is a problem with government--in that case fascism--not capitalism.


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    This is a very good point conceptually. I just don't know how good it is to have people arguing our points if they don't absolutely know what to say. If they say silly things, it will probably end up hurting us.

    Also, I can't even think about talking to a classroom of people without getting nervous. Nevermind talking to radio people especially any of the opinionated ones with different philosophies, Beck and the like. Once he starts firing back, I'll totally be dead. Not a quick thinking.
    Washington doesn't change Rand Paul. Rand Paul changes Washington.

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    Just remember if you are unsure just say you don't know and direct them to Dr. Pauls works. Nothing is more damaging then trying to defend a view you don't know or being ill prepared to do so. The last thing you want to do is end the call while leaving the audience thinking you are insane.

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    +1 rep for a great list and most excellent reminder

    I suggest to make your comments personal by telling how you feel on the topic and what attracts you to the good doctor; adding for more information on him and his issues you can always visit his website That will protect us from misrepresenting him and give people a way to find out more about him too. If you have a local group and can work it into your comments tell people about that as well so they can connect with others active and involved.

    You are right and on target. The media and the local Republican party cannot ignore us if we politely and positively insist on what is right and who we support and what we expect in the way of leadership!

    Blessings all~

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    Well said Mrs. Crosnoe

    - and I guess i should add that if you're unsure of Ron Paul's positions, you have homework to do

    - Also, if you do get nervous and can't get over that, start with the programs that are Ron Paul friendly - Schiff and AJ aren't going to slam you for supporting Ron Paul, and you'll get better as you go

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    Re : They Want to Ignore Ron Paul? They Can't Ignore US!

    I watched "The Adjustment Bureau" last night and the main character who is running for a senate seat told the crowd something similar to the OP's topic:

    David Norris: But that's okay, cause even the same people who say that young people don't vote, young people don't care about politics, but I'm here to tell you, you're future is about you're choices, not theirs. So today I'd like to put them on notice, because come November I want them to know that it was young people like you who kicked their a**es.
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