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Thread: Video: Rick Santelli vs. Tom Friedman

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    Default Video: Rick Santelli vs. Tom Friedman

    This made me laugh. Watch how uncomfortable Friedman gets -- he even looks toward Steve Liesman to come to his rescue. lol

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    lol pretty funny. all he could do was dance around the question because he knew damn well that santelli was correct.

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    Its amazing to me people read this guys garbage along with others especially krugman. It's simply amazing that otherwise honest and intelligent people can't see for themselves the truth without looking to these morons for talking points and answers. The problem....they don't have answers. They are proven wrong time and time again and are never held to account for their positions. They always have an excuse....its the free market...its the republicans...democrats...didn't spend enough, etc....When are people going to stop listening to these morons?

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    Oh that was great.

    Bill Bonner, the guy who runs Agora Financial, wrote the best dismantling of Thomas Friedman a few years ago. I wish I could find it. It is ridiculous anyone listens to Friedman.
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    I saw that this morning. Pretty funny. "Your question was idiotic." "Your answer was idiotic!" Joe Kernan loves getting Santelli in fights with people (usually with Liesman).

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    I love Rick Santelli. That dude is a whole bag of awesome.
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    The length some of these people go through sometimes to defend the established, is just mind blowing. The look on Santelli's face says it all. Definately one of Santelli's most funny in a while. I was rolling at the outro comment.

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    OMG, haha, this is going into my Santelli shrine inside my computer.

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    The liberal MSMedia has been hosting Tom Friedman quite a bit, like multiple "FLUFFING" prior to Obama's speech tonight.

    He's been on CSPAN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC this week... crafted indoctrination. Glad he was schooled by Rick Santelli.
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