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Thread: Introducing Dr. Paul to the Lower East Bay

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    Introducing Dr. Paul to the Lower East Bay

    From the Rhode Island Ron Paul Meetup

    Introducing Dr. Paul to the Lower East Bay
    Date: September 24, 2011
    Location: Clements' Market, 2575 East Main Rd (Rt 138), Portsmouth, RI
    Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    This location was suggested by Paul S who lives in Bristol and it fits right in with our plan to cover all parts of Rhode Island with these sign waves in order to give Ron Paul name recognition with as many Rhode Islanders as possible. This will be an excellent opportunity for those of you in the Fall River and East Bay area as you won't have to travel very far.

    We'll most likely be on the grassy area between the Market and Rt. 138 but the exact location will be finalized the weekend before.

    This is a Google map of the area:

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    It was a terrific sign wave and thank you to Paul S for choosing such a good intersection with lots of traffic. From our positions on opposite sides of East Main Rd we were able to give all the cars passing by an unobstructed look at Ron Paul's name.

    We got a multitude of honks and thumbs up, plus many enthusiastic words of support from the many young people who went by. Support for Liberty and a desire to see it's return is doing well on Aquidneck Island.

    We also had two vehicles turn around so that the drivers could come to talk to us stating how happy they were to see someone out there promoting Dr. Paul's candidacy. One is a business owner in Newport and we sent him home with signs and literature that he's going to display and distribute at his business. The other was a woman who is planning to tour the country in an RV which will be a mobile bulletin board for Ron Paul.

    Once again the weather held off for us and we were successful in giving Dr. Paul additional name recognition which he will need to win the April 24 primary. We'll be moving into the education phase on issues very soon and the Rhode Island Ron Paul Meetup, if we work hard, will be responsible for that primary victory.

    Thank you to all who made the day a success! Gary

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