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Thread: Turkey to sign strategic alliance with Egypt, Turkish PM to visit Gaza

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    Turkey to sign strategic alliance with Egypt, Turkish PM to visit Gaza

    Ahead of Sep 20th, momentous changes keep unfolding in mideast.

    Turkey to sign strategic alliance with Egypt

    Ankara-Cairo relations receive boost as crisis with Israel worsens: Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan slated to visit Cairo and possibly Gaza soon to sign strategic cooperation agreement with Egypt. Meanwhile, recently expelled Israeli ambassador Gaby Levy says there's no chance he will return to Ankara

    Published: 09.04.11

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is slated to visit Egypt and Gaza soon to sign strategic cooperation agreements with Cairo, just days after the leaking of the Palmer Report which led to a new low in Israel-Turkey relations.,7...117727,00.html

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    Anyone with a brain saw this coming. Google "Ottoman Empire". The Ottoman Empire was the last Islamic Empire and Caliphate that lasted from 1299-1923, or 624 years. At the Ottoman Empires height of power (1450 AD-1700 AD) it was arguably the most powerful empire on the face of the earth. It annexed 1/5th of continental Europe, making the Ottoman Empire the only "non-European" civilization to ever conquer Europe, or at least huge sloths of it.

    It comprised of an Arab body and a Turkish head (or 22 modern Arab nations and Turkey). The two largest pillars of the Empire was Turkey (at the helm) and Egypt. After WW1 the Turks and Arabs went their own ways. It seems that they (Turks and Arabs) are going to get back together.

    This is why the we (USA) should NOT get involved. A lot of the Evangelical extremists and Israel loyalists (most American Jews) want the US to entangle itself into an alliance with Israel which has been going on for decades. This is what the "War on Terror" essentially started from.

    In 1973, Egypt and Israel went to war, and Egypt had inflicted massive blows to Israel. After tying with Israel in one war (1956), and loosing two (1967 and 1948), Egypt was on the verge of officially defeating Israel. Then on October 14th, 1973, the first Neo-Conservative influenced Republican president, President Richard Nixon launched "Operation Nickel Grass", an American airlift to replace all of Israel's material losses in its 1973 war with Egypt. Essentially the two came to a stand still, instead of an Arab victory against Israel, as a direct result of American intervention. THIS IS WHERE ALL THE HATRED TOWARDS THE UNITED STATES STEMS FROM WITHIN THE ARAB WORLD. The Arabs were fighting for their honor, and for the first time had the Israeli's on their knees, and we (USA) intervened to stop Israel's defeat which would have through military coerhieion forced Israel to give some land back to Egypt and the Palestinians.

    So in conclusion, following the Camp David Accords the US set up puppet dictators in a host of Muslim and middle eastern nations which prevented the mass's from being able to get back to war with Israel to recover lost land and honor. However our government either blackmailed or killed resisting Muslims leaders (Mubarak and King Faisal respectively). So essentially what took place was that Saudi Arabia, a staunch supporter of Egypt then, decided that there was no way to defeat Israel and certainly the US conventionally. Plan B came in effect.

    Plan B was created by the savage Al-Qaeda terrorists that we are fighting today and Osama Bin Laden; however covertly supported by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Plan B was to more or less launch the bloody terrorist attacks on 9/11 which killed thousands of our people, and drag the US into Afghanistan, like the Soviets did, and force the US to more less go bankrupt after years of fighting and spending trillions of dollars, as happened to the Soviets in the 1980's just before they collapsed. Following US bankruptcy in the eyes of covert Pakistani and Saudi plotters, the Muslim world could return to its resistance against Israel without any intervention from a 2nd bankrupt and collapsed superpower (USA).

    So basically we as a nation are fighting these two wars because of our (USA) alliance with the enemy of the Muslim world (Israel), and for our support for dictators in the Muslim world that brutalize, murder, rape, extort, kill, imprison, torture, and suppress millions of their Muslim subjects.

    THIS IS WHY DR PAUL KEEPS QUOTING ONE OF OUR FOUNDING FATHERS THOMAS JEFFERSON WHO STATED IN 1801 "peace, commerce, honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none". Because we (America) have an entangling alliance with Israel, this has dragged us into a set of wars, that has more less served as the primary culprit of the decline and bankruptcy of the United States.

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