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Thread: Central Arkansas Sept. 7th Watch Party

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    Central Arkansas Sept. 7th Watch Party

    I just started up Youth for Ron Paul at UCA in Conway. I have the game/bar room reserved at Gusano's pizza reserved. It has multiple large screen tvs and the room has a wall dividing it from the main eating area. The debate is Sept 7th from 7-9 and we're going to show up 30 minutes early to talk about future plans/socialize.

    Anyone is welcome to come but I need a RSVP ASAP. You can email me or preferable add the group/like the page on facebook and RSVP to the event on that page. And share this event with your friends!

    Here is the flyer we are using on campus at the moment.

    Huckabee is out.
    Mitt has RomneyCare which we know Arkansas hates. Just ask Blanch Lincoln.
    Many residents have ties to Texas and know the truth about Perry.
    The 39th multiple deployments have had a heavy burden on at least someone every Arkansan knows.
    For these reasons and more Arkansas should be very fertile for Ron Paul support.

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    I'm too old to drive from Heber in the dark, but I hope lots of people come, and I will be watching it and thinking of you guys!

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    We had 26 show up and quickly converted the wait staff with the no tax on tips cards.

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    good work

    have you reserved a place for monday?

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    Same place.

    However, this time it's for my College Republican club. RP supporters are of course welcome and encouraged to attend.

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