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Thread: Parents' Marijuana Possession Gets Their Kids Taken Away

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    Default Parents' Marijuana Possession Gets Their Kids Taken Away

    It was a small amount of marijuana, but it cost a Bronx parent dearly.

    The New York Times has a story about New York City caseworkers taking away the son and niece of Penelope Harris, after police found 10 grams of marijuana in her apartment (which is less than the limit threshold for a misdemeanor) according to her lawyer.


    In March, news broke that New York spent $75 million last year putting people in jail for pot possession.

    Last spring, drug policy reform advocates and two members of the City Council gave New York City a satirical award for having the most marijuana arrests in the world.
    Public education is not education ... it is schooling.
    Our military is not defense ... it is warmongering and empire building.
    Government police do not protect ... they control.
    Regulations do not regulate ... they protect the status quo.
    Government banks do not distribute money based on effort ... it is gifted to close friends ... and some of it trickles down.

    The result is war, poverty, fear, chaos, and hopelessness for most people with abundance for a few elite.

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    We are all Penelope Harris.

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