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Thread: A possible agenda behind the ill handling of Laurie Jessop and her son

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    Default A possible agenda behind the ill handling of Laurie Jessop and her son

    The ill-treatment at the hands of state thugs (and gag order) of the

    lady who cured her son's melanoma with natural methods

    is unusual in that the thugs' customary MO is to go after the practicioners of black or grey market medicine and leave the patients alone. Though they had an excuse for the CPS and legal actions, going out of their way to treat both of them rough and especially the gag order lead me to believe that there's something in operation there bigger than merely protecting the medical monopoly.

    I believe Mrs. Jessops and her sons gag order and the intimidation they have received at the hand of gov't thugs might be due to the them not wanting any consciousness-raising in an area closely related to this

    kind of unadulterated bull$#@!.

    The relevant differences between TB and aids are that TB is airbourne transmissible and can infect people with no intentional behavior and within two years -- usually less time -- people with TB are cured and released. '

    HIV infection is no risk to anyone who doesn't choose to put themselves at risk (and then only if you believe its ostensible etiology isn't a sham).

    Since HIV is incurable, locking up someone with HIV is a sentence of forced poisoning and life in prison, without possibility of parole.

    Also there is mandatory AIDS testing and mandatory disclosure of positive results being called for. Testing without the patient consenting or even knowing is already happening.

    John Edwards has called for mandatory yearly physician visits. Physicians' roles have been transforming into those of gov't agents and I believe that the Marxist cretins' ultimate goal is a (brave new) world where noone makes their own "health care" (itself a Marxist term) decisions and anyone who has a politically incorrect opinion is is labelled mentally ill

    (another Marxist concept)

    and force-drugged.
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