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Thread: Ron Paul memes

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    There was a meme floating around facebook that was something like "Keep on hatin, you're hate makes me famous", or something like that. I've been searching for a couple hours and can't find it. If anyone recalls someplace that has posted it, I'd appreciate it!

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    Default "Downfall" Parody/ Hitler Rant for Ron Paul 2012

    We've seen Hitler rant about everything else. It's about time we had a "Downfall" parody for Ron Paul 2012:

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    Would like to post this without the sexual connotations of "do"ing Sarah Palin, who's also a married woman. Other than this, it's a creative post. But unfortunately a post like this may turn off many conservatives, just because of this one goof. Can it be edited?

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    I made this one, but I don't know how to link to it other than the full page:
    Judge Napolitano just shared this pic on Facebook! I made this!! (well I didn't take the photo, but I combined it with the text!)

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    Nice necro
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