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Thread: RP Supporters on Guam UNITE!

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    Exclamation RP Supporters on Guam UNITE!

    We had our first meetup in Guam today and it was great to meet other Ron Paul supporters out here in the middle of the Pacific. We are looking at ways to support the campaign from afar and tap the potential of the strong military communities here on island.

    Some ways to do this:

    1. Donate early and often to the official campaign.
    2. Discuss and promote RP w/ friends and family. Network w/ the community and military members. Grow the grassroots meetup group.
    3. Debate Viewing Parties. Bring guests.
    4. Ron Paul Bumper stickers on vehicles. Only a couple routes on island so a great way to create buzz.
    5. RP yard signs
    6. Sport/distribute RP DVDs, books, & gear. Order DVDs at
    Order gear at Ron Paul Campaign Store.
    7. Promote RP online w/ videos, email, twitter, facebook, etc.
    8. Assist "transient" US citizens in registering and voting in their state's primary via absentee ballot.
    9. Set up a information booth (roadside, public event) to promote RP and encourage primary voting.

    Remember, its a small island so a little exposure can go a long way! Hit me up with any ideas here or at or network with other Ron Paul supporters on Guam at:

    Twitter: @LibertyPeace

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    How is it going for you guys?

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    On island on Guam now. We started a (very) small meetup group over the summer with not much more than a commitment for everyone to get RP bumper stickers. I have been primarily involved in a newborn, my job and transfer out of the navy, and moving back to the states in recent months, but I have also not seen any type of presence for any other national candidates either which is surprising having witnessed the fervor of the local elections.

    The locals are primarily concerned with their own nepotistic politics, putting themselves in positions of power to best divvy up the federal dollars and contracts pouring into the island. Ron Paul's foreign policy falls flat here, as a large portion of the economy here is entirely dependent on the military presence. Their main concern seems to be profiting from the fallout of the billion dollar buildup of Marines on the island. They criticize McCain (who won 60% and all 6 pledged delegates in 2008) as isolationist for being somewhat critical of the $21 billion price tag of relocating a couple thousand Marines from Okinawa to Guam.

    Meanwhile, the local politicians want to have their cake and eat it too by promising millions of federal dollars in pet projects ($33-million dollars going to purchase school buses, to build a mental health substance facility on Guam and a repository for cultural artifacts in addition to infrastructure upgrades) while criticizing the location of required new firing ranges and expansion of the military basesthe buildup would require.

    Most of the active duty military here that are registered, are registered back in the states and vote absentee if at all. I have spent some time getting the word out and registering for absentee voting at There is a large Army reserve and veteran population, but their political affiliations seem to be the same as the locals.

    I think our time is better spent stateside.
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    Guam Republican caucuses, 2008

    The 2008 Guam Republican caucuses, also called the Guam state convention, took place on March 8, 2008. The approximately 500 people who attended the convention chose six delegates to represent Guam at the 2008 Republican National Convention.[1] John McCain won all six of the delegates. Guam also sent three unpledged party delegates to the party convention, for a total delegation of nine.
    The caucuses had been tentatively scheduled for February 16 but later changed.[2]


    100% of precincts reporting
    Candidate Votes Percentage Delegates
    Mike Huckabee 1, 286 40.0% 2
    John McCain 1, 648 60.0% 4
    Ron Paul 0 0.0% 0
    Total 2,934 100% 6

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    Our gain is your loss
    Lots of luck with the Futenma marines. Okinawans finally won a battle.

    The US Military Contributes to the protection of Japan in Asia, however we ask only 1 major question and that is "Why does the tiny island of Okinawa, the size of New York City, have to carry the burden of this protection? do you know that Okinawa has 37 Military Bases and has over 75% of the Military for this protection, yet Okinawa is the size of a speck of sand compared to the 4 main Island of Japan.

    RAvery41 1 year ago

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    My guess is Guam would be considered a 'domestic' base under RP's plan. Let them know his plan would encourage more spending in Guam rather than Japan, more spending in Guam rather than Germany, more spending in Guam rather than Iraq and Afghanistan. (Get the picture?)

    Also find any other local issues that you can latch on to.

    Let us know what else you need! How are numbers looking just in your meet-up?

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    The Guam and CNMI Republican caucuses are coming up in just 5 days. Any updates on how things are going in Guam?
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    Looks like he's given up.. what a downer! "Let it not be said that we did nothing!!" 1 Delegate is infinitely better than 0 Delegates.

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    Good luck all you Guam rEVOLUTIOn people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esoteric View Post
    Looks like he's given up.. what a downer! "Let it not be said that we did nothing!!" 1 Delegate is infinitely better than 0 Delegates.
    Any evidence for your claim?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyIn08 View Post
    Any evidence for your claim?
    Did you read the thread? "I think our time is better spent stateside" doesn't sound like someone who's doing all he can with a bad situation. Hope I'm wrong.
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    dude was scheduled to leave the island soon. maybe he left already.

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