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Thread: Just made some calls with new phone bank - tips for new users

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    Default Just made some calls with new phone bank - tips for new users

    The campaign does not have a script for you to preview before you make your first call.
    I don't want to post the script publicly but if you like to have some insight as to what you'll be saying shoot me a PM.

    Public tip:
    The format is incredibly easy and you make calls much faster with this system as the campaign does all the dialing for you. But it puts you on the stop a little more than dialing the number yourself. Here are some tips:

    1. When someone doesn't pick up QUICKLY click the voicemail box and confirm on the next page they didn't pick up to end the call before the "beep".

    2. I haven't talked to a RP supporter yet, so I can't tell you how it is when you take that route through the questions however - most of the time you're going to be talking to people who are undecided or have another candidate picked.
    When the call is ready to be ended the script looks a little different and it threw me off on my first call ...

    When you're suppose to close the call out the page has all the questions you've already asked on it (normally they show up one at a time). The closing statement is at the bottom.
    Knowing this might save you a few moments of awkward silence.

    as for PMing script insights - just to be careful I'm not spreading info who aren't true supporters, I'm only going to reply to known forum members.

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    I agree you shouldn't put too much here. If what you have above is too much, the campaign can pm me or another mod and we'll edit.
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    Another tip - if the person you're calling for is unavailable you will need to go off script to end the call. Something like "Ok, I'm sorry to bother you. I'll just call back at another time - have a nice day!" or along those lines.
    When this happens I submit the info as if they didn't answer so they'll go back into the database to be called again.

    You can make a lot of phone calls in a short time with this setup, I really like it. Everyone who has access to this should start lighting it up! Get your hands dirty and make some calls!

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    oh and google voice works fine with this system if you don't want to use cell minutes

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    yeah i did some calls yesterday, and it wasn't what i was expecting. Anyway, no need to give too much info, if people are going to make calls they can get the script when they make the calls.

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    I made this thread for people like my sister - who are very shy about making calls to strangers and it is way out of their comfort zone. My sister, who is willing to make calls for RP but is very uncomfortable doing it, is the type of person who would love to know what the script she'll be reading is before the phone starts ringing. The odds of getting tongue tied and nervous is much less.

    Don't forget that you and I have made calls through the .org, through the Iowa campaign and now through this phone bank. So we're more prepared to be on the spot with this - somebody like my sister would be needlessly uncomfortable with this and it could hinder the amount of phone calls she made - or it might make her be hesitant to make phone calls at all (or just procrastinate on making calls).

    I was hoping that by being willing to share information with well known forum members that are already in the system that may be nervous about starting more at ease and increase the amount of calls made by that individual.

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    The script is valuable. It would be interesting to get a bunch of real Ron Paul people together in a google circle and have them in a 'Hangout' while the calling is going on. Maybe chaotic but almost like a real phone bank where everyone is huddled around a table talking over each other. To help with motivation, not concentration. At least see how its done before jumping in.
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