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Thread: How many from CT?

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    How many from CT?

    Just wanted to know whos from CT. Maybe we could meet, talk and plan for our states turn in 2012.

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    and see the numbers

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    I live in CT and would be willing to meet up and talk about what we could do.

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    Just moved to Greenwich, CT.
    What I say is for entertainment purposes only!

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    A little late but I am in CT as well. Not too many of us here on the forums.

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    I've seen quite a few from Connecticut here. Probably the most active poster is "sematary". Unless "MRoCkEd" is from here; he might be, not sure. "Daamien" is from Ridgefield. There are quite a few others. "Don't Tread on Mike", "Standing Like A Rock", "ronnilingus", "jmhudak17", "gls" "chazy567" "R3volutionJedi" to name a few. But the statewide meetup in Connecticut never died like most meetups did. 11,703 emails sent over the 1,400 or so days it's been in existence... about 8.4 per day for more than three and a half years. Even the months when nothing was going on, there are still discussions and it kept growing right through the down years. It likely has the most active email list of any Ron Paul meetup in the country, by a lot. So a lot of people just get a quick liberty news fix from there and skip the forums and the daily. It's been a little slow this month. Only 3 or 4 emails per day.

    CT Statewide:

    A few of the County meetups never closed, but they're less active, although not entirely dead.

    Fairfield County:
    New Haven County:
    Tolland County
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    I'm at UConn during the school year, and then in New Haven County when I'm not in school.

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    I'm from Connecticut! I'd love to help out.

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    I'm also from CT..Stamford resident!

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    I will be there over the holidays, enfield.

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    I am from Waterbury, although I will be living in Texas by March.

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    I don't know what do you have in mind but count me in.

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    SE CT here

    Question does Dr. Paul have an official CT campaign? I want to volunteer to be a delegate which i believe means volunteer with the candidates state campaign. Does anyone have any info on becoming a delegate in CT?

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    I'm from Ct. I'm up for meetups and all that.

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    I am in CT also.
    I am not part of an active meetup this time around..
    I went to 2 meetings last time... all we could put together was a sign wave.. and then only 3 people showed up..
    To be honest, being a Ron Paul supporter in CT just feels like a hopeless battle...

    When it came down to it, I was alone at my polling location, standing in rain with my sign. :/

    I was the only person at my polling location supporting ANY candidate...
    The few people that did walk over to me, just came to tell me that my guy cant win...
    I still have like 3 packs of 2008 unopened slimjims from that...

    My towns 2008 primary results:
    Romney: 579
    McCain: 633
    Huckabee: 100
    Paul: 65
    Total Registered Republican Voters:3453
    Total Republican Voter turnout: 1440
    Turnout Percent: 41.7%

    This is what I am up against...
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    Hopefully you'll have better luck this year. In my town someone posted Ron Paul banners all over the light polls. Someone even put up a giant banner across the overpass but I think the town took it down. I'm doing everything in my power to get his message across.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldpants View Post
    I am from Waterbury, although I will be living in Texas by March.
    What city in Texas?

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    Me too. Cromwell.

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