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Thread: #TwitterBomb Facebook Event! Spread it Around

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    #TwitterBomb Facebook Event! Spread it Around

    This next twitter bomb could get Ron Paul trending if we get the word out ASAP and teach people how to maximize their tweets. Go to the page and RSVP so we can get a page where most of the ppl that are going to partake in this twitter bomb can have access to messages that tell them which hashtags to use etc.

    Twitter Bomb Event site! Tuesday July 19th along with the MoneyBomb! RSVP​ent.php?eid=23574973311514​5

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    I can't believe #ronpaul isn't trending already. I tweeted all day (lol)
    "Never Miss a Good Chance to Shut up"

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    yeah we really really need to get more RonPaul people onto twitter. We are losing to bachmann in total followers...and getting crushed by obama and romney. I know there are more than 14,000 Ron Paul lets just get them onto facebook. Im going to work on a campaign to get Google+ and twitter more ron paul supporters so that hopefully on debate night we can get Ron Paul trending. I have the site running now that ppl are using and If I improve it (literally not even 24hours old yet) I think trending will become easy with a few thousand more supporters on Twitter.

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