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Thread: Does Dr. Paul favor no government or limited government?

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    Does Dr. Paul favor no government or limited government?

    He's said he's a voluntaryist and on another occasion, he said he supports self-sovereignty, which generally means no government.

    OTOH, he mentions the Constitution quite frequently (although he said in liberty defined that the Constitution was too powerful). He's also said that he believes that it's a national and not a state or individual responsibility for the defense of the American people. He also said that he doesn't favor cutting off the welfare state immediately.

    So is he a theologically conservative Anarcho-capitalist, or a theologically conservative minarchist? Or does he hold the view that Jefferson and Locke do on anarchy (i.e., collective right to secede)?

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    My impression is he thinks going back to a constitutional government would be a great leap forward for freedom and we can quibble about the differences between the philosophies you mentioned once we get there.

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    I think he believes in freedom and would be ok with either system as long as it is based on protection of life, liberty and property rights, but that's also what I believe so maybe I'm projecting.
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    I read Dr. Paul as a guy who would like people to enjoy their life on Earth without others controlling their every move or imprisoning them for peaceful behavior. Liberty, peace, and prosperity while dealing with each other honestly.
    "Everyone who believes in freedom must work diligently for sound money, fully redeemable. Nothing else is compatible with the humanitarian goals of peace and prosperity." -- Ron Paul

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    From what I understand he thinks the government often over-steps its bounds, especially in foreign affairs. He's definitely not no government, but seems to support the 10th ammendment and wants many issues like abortion, gay marriage, etc, etc to be left to the state even though he has clear opinions on them.

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    Even I, an anarchist, believe in government. Only those who want anomie believe in NO government. What even anarchists want is self government. See my quotes below.

    But I think voluntaryists are a form of minarchy, as they would prefer a voluntary government, not a State. Constitutionalists are small government statists, although we are allies (don't yell at me, I'm trying to define it for him). So, two of your choices to me basically mean the same thing.

    Ron Paul is for the Constitution...however, he recognizes that the original intent of the Constitution included concepts like nullification and self government. He therefore takes a Jeffersonian approach to government, a bottom up authority structure. I disagree with him on this view, in parts, but it is his view.

    I am a more "radical Jeffersonian...", agreeing that the "the government that is best, governs least", but with the caveat that "the government which governs least, doesn't govern [the non-aggressive individual with the mental and physical ability to govern themselves] at all".

    Baby steps, baby steps...Ron Paul 2012.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xerographica View Post

    Yes, I want to force consumers to buy trampolines, popcorn, environmental protection and national defense whether or not they really demand them. And I definitely want to outlaw all alternatives. Nobody should be allowed to compete with the state. Private security companies, private healthcare, private package delivery, private education, private disaster relief, private militias...should all be outlawed.
    ^Minimalist state socialism (minarchy) taken to its logical conclusions; communism.

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    I think even the most ardent "anarchist", furiously typing away from the basement of his mother's house, would be happy as clam with an arrangement like the Articles of Confederation.

    "No government" is ridiculous concept, as ProIndividual pointed out. There will always be some government, self-government, family government, civil government, etc.

    Our goal should be to push everything more toward the self-government side of things.

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