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Thread: How would one describe the new socialism that is practiced by communist president Obama?

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    What is Obamian Communism?

    Once again, listening to the program "Coast to Coast" on the radio the other night, I realized just how bad off our nation has become. Seems most of the people calling in were either born hybrid offspring of aliens or were actually living aliens themselves. Then this thing happened recently with the state of New York coming out of the closet to support gay marriage which is okay I guess. Gay aliens never hurt anyone. There is a deeper problem going on here which I want to nip in the bud. Surely, as people are coming out to confess to being aliens and homosexual, the next big thing is going to be people coming out politically to confess to being communist.
    Look, once and for all, we all know president Obama is a communist. As surely as we could never quite put our finger on how some odd people amongst us look a lot like aliens or as we often use our gaydar, sexually speaking, to know when someone is probably fruity, we all have sensed the communism in president Obama.
    See, my point here is that communism has always existed in the United States and we should just go ahead and accept it as a political choice just as most of us would accept homosexuality as a lifestyle choice.
    See, I've been trying to differentiate the Obamian communism from Marxism and Leninism. What makes his particular brand work while the brands of the past failed?
    I've always understood Marxism to work by the realization of the way things are, whereas, I've always felt Leninism desired to do something to speed up the process.
    Anyway, how would you describe Obamian communism? Why does his brand of socialism work when all other forms of socialism have failed miserably in the past?
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