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Thread: Romney TOTALLY disrespects guy with muscular distrophy...

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    Romney TOTALLY disrespects guy with muscular distrophy...

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    That's wrong on so many levels. We need to get this video out, even if it's old.

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    Old. But hey, at least he didn't attempt to pander. Probably would have if he won the primary.
    Only voted for Ron Paul and Trump in 28 years of living because I greatly respect honest men/women who expose disgusting illusions.

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    Here's how Ron answered the same question from the same guy...

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    Most important part of that video of Doctor Paul: a succinct, clear and definitive applause line right at the start that could be quoted and leaves no doubt as to his position on the subject. Everyone who saw that speech can take that line away, even if they weren't familiar with Dr. Paul beforehand.

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    There are plenty of us patients out there needing better laws but most importantly there are so many more in other non med states getting locked up and dealing with fines and other b.s. from a PLANT and and old misguided view within the last 100 years.

    its a plant people

    are we really that naive to think that as adults we can't even have the ability to decide what is GOOD or bad for us? Even if we choose to toss bad stuff in our bodies (cigs, fast food, alcohol) that shouldn't be cause for alarm or LAWS.

    let us CHOOSE what we are gunna do with our own bodies.

    freedom side note: can't wait for every state to become legal so everyone can just CALM DOWN.
    Support Marijuana Legalization WORLDWIDE

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