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Thread: Response to a NE Liberal's anger towards strip mining

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    Response to a NE Liberal's anger towards strip mining

    So, you're against strip mining but you're perfectly ok living in a city that stripped the entire surface of your geographical area in order to build your own vanity. You eliminated an entire habitat, replacing it with concrete, blacktop, glass, steel, and human fabricated noise.*Because that just makes so much damn sense. It seems as though your environmentalism is actually just you projecting your guilt on those that live alongside of nature instead of erasing it from view entirely for the convenience and safety of a city. There are none more hypocritical on the issue of the environment than progressive liberals from the northeast. Remember, we're mostly just farmers and farmland here in the south, the north gave birth to the industrial revolution and all of its resulting pollution of our beautiful planet. Had your senseless desire for immediate gratification not overwhelmed your sensibilities, we wouldn't need to strip mine the mountains as much for coal to fuel your fleeting cupidities. Excuse us for making small sections of flat land to live on, preventing the need for future Federal assistance due to natural disasters such as land and rock slides and flooding. Would you rather keep paying for us to live in the cramped valleys of our mountains when it makes absolutely no financial or economic sense to continue doing so when we have the technology to live on top of the mountains instead of between them, waking up every day to the full view of the natural beauty of the earth below? Mind your own business, and tend to your own state, your own people, and your own land, because we have done a much better job preserving the environment than you have.*

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    /end of debate. Bible Belt private property rights for the environmentalism win.

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