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Thread: Report: Obama overruled lawyers on Libya air war

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    Report: Obama overruled lawyers on Libya air war

    "One issue was reported to be whether firing missiles from drones amounted to hostilities............"!

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    Didn't see it but it doesn't hurt to have this in multiple threads so that it shows up more times in a google search. This needs to go viral. Complete contemtp of the intent of the law and the meaning of war.

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    It is three times in this subforum, and viral on twitter.
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    This is being lapped up by the big conservative blogs. HotAir commentors are calling for impeachment.
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    The president is most certainly committing crimes in Libya, and impeachment seems to be an approaching necessity to stop this behavior. It's becoming increasingly clear that he was warned against these acts of war, but believed himself to be above the law.

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