With our initial organizational meeting still about a month away on July 15, we got together late this afternoon to hold a sign wave on a bridge that spans I-95 in Cranston. We and our Ron Paul banners and signs were well received by the motorists who passed beneath us and we received more honks, waves, and thumbs up than I remember having in 2007-2008.

This began the name recognition part of our campaign which we will be continuing in various locations around Rhode Island through the March 6 2012 presidential primary. Concurrently with this we will be educating the public about Ron Paul and his positions on the issues by various methods, and also coordinating the collection of signatures in mid to late December so that Dr. Paul will be on the ballot.

All Ron Paul supporters in Rhode Island are welcome to help and are encouraged to join the Rhode Island Ron Paul Meetup so that they will be kept up to date on activities and events.