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    Enjoy! :collins:

    The most important issue of our day is the economy. Amazingly, Congressman Ron Paul was the only candidate among six others during the June 13th, 2011 CNN GOP Republican 2012 presidential debate in New Hampshire who mentioned the Federal Reserve System, which has had such a negative impact on our economy. Hopefully Republicans/Conservatives get it right this year and nominate the only man who truly stands out on this very important issue. For about three decades, Dr. Paul has been sounding the alarm on runaway government spending and the destructive policies of central banking. No candidate, not even President Barack Obama, can match up against Ron Paul's epic consistency and knowledge. It's time to put America back on track by restoring the values of individual liberty and free market economics that made it so great.

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    He has a real shot, it just depends on us waking up the nation before we all go to the polls.

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