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Thread: Video - Doug Wead "running for president is like building a mall"

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    Default Video - Doug Wead "running for president is like building a mall"

    The Doug Wead news had me digging back through the documentary hard drives looking at his unused clips. Here is the last clip we shot with him in fall of 2008, where we had asked him his thoughts on Ron Paul running for president again in 2012.

    The clip starts off with Michael Maresco telling Doug about how Ron's 2007 campaign got started, and that they never expected the level of support they received. Knowing how it eventually turned out, Doug kind of chuckles at this.

    Doug tells an interesting story about William Henry Harrison and Andrew Jackson, which reminded him about Ron's campaign. While working for Bush Sr. in 1984, he tells that some presidential campaigns don't really end, but continue between election cycles. Ron has done a lot of the work this time around, prior to the new 2012 run.

    Doug thinks Ron Paul really has a shot in the 2012 GOP primary. If the hire rumor is true, I think it's awesome news. Interesting stuff.

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    Yes thanks for sharing AdamT, that was great!
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    bloody excellent video..

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    If I had just known that '08 was laying the foundation for this run, then all of those disappointments would have been so much easier to take!

    Thanks for sharing the vid!

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    Absolutely energizing! Thanks for that!
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