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Thread: Sarah Palin, Meet Linda Green (And MERS): Was Palin's New Home Purchase Preceded By A "Rob

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    Sarah Palin, Meet Linda Green (And MERS): Was Palin's New Home Purchase Preceded By A "Rob

    The following article can be found below:

    Yesterday we reported that Sarah Palin has just purchased a new property in North Scottsdale, AZ for $1.75 million. We further speculated that there may have been some fishyness with regard to the terms of the purchase of the JPM short sale which was an over 100% flip in about a year. So far so good. Where this story takes yet another detour into the macabre, is a cursory analysis of the release deed of the prior mortgage holder of the property, one Steven Soraya, who had a loan amounting to $980,500.00 with Wells Fargo, which was released on July 3, 2007 and which just so happens was signed by Robosigner extraordinaire, the one, the only, the infamous Linda Green. Ergo our question: did miss Palin just procure a property to which there is no legitimate title, and which, therefore, may not have been legitimately sold to her? Oh yes, MERS is of course involved too.

    Behold Ms. Green's signature on the release of the mortgage (and compare to her original signature).

    JP Morgan in turn procured the property courtesy of MERS...

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    Chester Copperpot

    MERS is owned by the same people who own the fed

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