Now this is by no means philosophical because I think everyone should in their hearts and minds and mouths be anti whatever they are classifying as Enhanced Interrogation, but there is apparently an Informed Interrogation Approach from the Army Field Manual which is widely understood as the most effective way to get information out of someone in a hurry in an emergency situation. It is literally the thing that is called for for just that situation.

If we could start building a case for this, or even think of a better alternative, although this one is already tested and very easy to market with it being a trusted system, we could even give a "national security expertise" feel to selling the idea of ending torture.

Even when everyone agrees a national security policy is too harsh, they feel more comfortable changing the policy with a national security expert leading the way. Criticism only will never lead to a policy solution, so I'm thinking we can brand it this way and push it as the more effective and humane alternative.