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Thread: Ron Paul and the New LOVE Revolution - Fantastic Opinion Piece

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    Ron Paul and the New LOVE Revolution - Fantastic Opinion Piece

    From TheModerateVoice.Com

    Selected Excerpts:

    It is often said that a convert to a cause is more fervent than those born to it. That is probably true about me and my “conversion” as an immigrant to this great country.

    In that spirit of passionate desire for my adoptive land to become everything it was meant to be, may I humbly suggest, America, that Ron Paul is Your Man.
    As it has turned out, in most things that matter, Obama is not even Bush-lite: he’s more like Bush-plus. I’m not questioning his moral intent, but simply looking around me at new wars, continuation of laws that remove American’s basic rights, mass transfer of wealth from the working man to the large subsidized two groups, corporations and unions, that fund the old political game.

    The old, tired, self-defeating Left-Right paradigm of American politics is about two teams that want to shape the world in one way or another, but both sharing the desire to impose their view on others, and both, therefore, with an interest in maintaining those fundamental aspects of the modern political settlement that allow politicians and their favored institutions to operate outside the most basic confines of the Constitution that was supposed to make the USA a Republic that protects life, liberty and property of all individuals.
    Ron Paul transcends the Left-Right pseudo-divide.

    He is almost unique in that he doesn’t want to make a country of the Left or a country of the Right. Unlike every other politician, he doesn’t need me to agree with him on anything – except that I should be free to decide on what to agree or disagree with him about.
    Ron Paul’s world is quite different from that offered by almost any other American politician. In his world, neither the President nor the Congress gets to impose their preferences on 300 million citizens through the monopoly of force that is government, because Paul knows that the government has no such authority. Paul’s world is a world based fundamentally on the principle of non-aggression, which is simply, “I may disagree with you but I do not get to use force, including the force of law, to impose my will on you as long as you harm no one.” This principle is a philosophical one. It precedes politics – and that is why it allows Paul to transcend the bankrupt Left-Right paradigm.
    More brilliance at the link. Spread far and wide.
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    .... in his heart, and in his head, in his character, and in his intellect, in what he has done, and in what he will become, the Thomas Jefferson of our day, Ron Paul is one of us.
    - Andrew Napolitano, Future of Freedom Foundation, June 3, 2007
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