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Thread: West Virginia Republican Convention 2012

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    Exclamation West Virginia Republican Convention 2012

    Ok, everybody. We need meet-ups to get delegates to the state convention. That is the only election in this state that matters.

    BUT, we MUST stress to vote for yourself online and also get your family/friends to do it. Many people last time forgot to do that, and over half of the Paul supporters missed out on the convention/didn't show up. People need to become delegates and vote for themselves online. Don't act like it's a lock. Monitor your progress and act like you are a real candidate. The WV GOP Convention is a great experience and a lot of fun. Let's not let any Paul supporters miss out.
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    1) Let's get a list of county coordinators first.
    2) We also need a list of # of delegates per county.

    How are the planners going to communicate?
    What materials (printed, web based, etc.) do we need?
    I think we also need to stay close to the WV GOP and participate in the convention planning so we know all of the rules.

    The voting is in January 2012. If we get the votes, the convention is just a rubber stamp!

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    I asked Mike Stuart about the # of delegates by county for the convention. Below is his message. I'll check back on July 1. More to come.....

    "We are just now in the process of putting all that information together and by the end of June it should be complete."
    Fred H.
    West Virginia Delegate At-Large Candidate
    WV State Republican Primary is May 8th, 2012 - Make sure to vote for the RNC delegates "Committed to Paul"
    Check the West Virginia section for Ron Paul news and events in West Virginia!

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