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Thread: Russian Security Service (FSB) Wants to Ban Skype, Hotmail, Gmail

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    Russian Security Service (FSB) Wants to Ban Skype, Hotmail, Gmail

    Russian security service wants to ban Skype and Gmail

    Telegraph UK
    09 April 2011

    The Russian security service has proposed banning Skype, Hotmail and Gmail as their "uncontrolled use" could pose a security threat, a service official said during a government meeting on Friday.
    "Uncontrolled usage of these services may lead to massive threat to Russia's security," he said at a meeting of the government's communication and technology committee.

    Update: Kremlin rejects FSB proposal

    Alexander Andreyechkin, chief of the FSB's information security and special communications department, told a government meeting that encrypted communications providers such as Gmail, Hotmail and Skype "pose a large-scale threat to Russia's security" and proposed to ban them, Russian news agencies reported.

    The Kremlin quickly responded that Andreyechkin had expressed his personal opinion and abused his authority by making the statement.

    But shortly after that, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, came to Andreyechkin's defense, saying that what he said wasn't a private viewpoint, but a "well-reasoned position of his agency," according to Russian news agencies.

    Putin, who has been accused by critics of rolling back Russia's democratic freedoms during two terms as president in 2000-08, has remained Russia's most powerful politician even after shifting into the premier's job.

    Vladimir Putin, a former KGB lieutenant colonel and an one-time FSB chief, has surrounded himself with veterans of Soviet and Russian security structures. While FSB and other security agencies formally answer to the president, most commentators agree that Medvedev has little control over their activities.


    Background on the FSB:

    2011 - Russia Resurrects Soviet-era KGB
    Russia announces plans to re-merge its intelligence services the FSB and SVR into a unified agency like the Soviet-era KGB.

    2010 - Russia Gives New Powers to KGB Successor
    The Moscow News reported on July 12 that a new bill which the Duma (the lower house of Russia’s legislature) passed on July 9 will allow the Federal Security Service (FSB) to issue warnings to people whose acts create the conditions for the committing of a crime. by Warren Mass

    2009 - KGB/FSB: The “Game” Remains the Same
    Two decades after the supposed collapse of communism, the Russian FSB and SVR continue the same deadly program of of the old KGB, as evidenced by the case of mole Robert Hanssen. By William F. Jasper

    2007 - Putin's Russia
    The recent murder-by-poison of Russian KGB/FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko is a potent warning about the dangers of our new security "partnership" with Putin's Russia.
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