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    Dear Friends of Liberty,

    Due to the pressure of citizen activists like yourself, the initiative to raise gas taxes in Maryland has been defeated!

    This is a huge win for Marylanders - but let's not start the back-slapping yet. We need you to take quick action to stop another grab for our wallets.

    Who is this guy?

    And why does he keep trying to stick his hand in my pocket?

    Meet Vincent DeMarco. He is one of the most powerful Progressive lobbyists in Maryland.

    DeMarco is responsible for several pieces of terrible legislation that have been weaseled through the General Assembly. Do you remember the huge tax increases on cigarette sales that were passed in 2007? DeMarco was the insider that schemed the bill through the legislature.

    In the final weeks of this year's General Assembly, he is back and is plotting to lock down another pillar of the Progressive agenda.

    Just as the Progressives did with cigarettes, they are looking to pile on another round of tax increases. The target? Squeeze every last dime they can out of the average "Joe Sixpack" by raising taxes on alcohol.

    There are several bills that are being peddled to legislators to lock in this exploitation.

    One bill calls for an increase to the state's alcoholic beverage excise tax. By the gallon, this bill would increase taxes from $1.50 to $10.03 for distilled spirits, from 40 cents to $2.96 for wine and from 9 cents to $1.16 for beer. This is the equivalent of an additional 10 cents or more tax increase per drink.

    Another bill calls for an additional 1% tax this year - and an additional 1% every year through 2013.

    Initially, the justification of the proposal was that the money would be allocated to programs that would help the disabled. That idea has been scrapped and any new taxes would go to the state slush general fund.

    In the proposed 2012 state budget, $67 million dollars in new fees has already been added to cover budget holes. So why would they target alcohol for a tax increase?

    The website of our favorite institution - the IRS - shows us what is at the heart of this Progressive policy:

    Legislators have three needs in mind as they prepare tax laws:

    * the need to raise revenue
    * the need to be fair to taxpayers
    * and the need to influence taxpayers' behavior

    A sin tax is used to discourage the use of products and services that could pose a risk to someone's health, such as alcohol and cigarettes.
    In looking at some of his previous commentary on these issues, DeMarco's agenda becomes quite clear:

    "Plainly, Gov. Martin O'Malley and the Maryland General Assembly can be very proud of the success of the 2007 tobacco tax increase, and we look forward to working with them very soon to raise that tax again in order to keep reducing smoking."

    -Vincent DeMarco on the cigarette tax increase
    "Like the tobacco tax, it's a public health benefit."

    -Vincent DeMarco on the alcohol tax increase
    The prospect of raising taxes on alcohol is a Progressive dream: they get to take your money and they get to tamper with your personal behavior!

    Frankly, I find it repugnant.

    Our country was built on the principles of individual liberty and individual responsibility. Our Founding Fathers would have never tolerated the regulation of personal behavior with coercive taxation. This type of attack on the fundamental right of a person to make basic choices about his or her life is nothing short of tyranny.

    Let's be clear, friends - excessive use of tobacco and alcohol is not good for your health. However, in a free country, you should be able to make your own health decisions.

    This social engineering cannot be tolerated. We have proven that the Liberty Movement can stand up and stop the Progressive agenda. Are you willing to do it again?

    1. Please sign our petition to let your representatives know that you stand against this money grab.

    2. Please call your state delegates and your state senator and tell them to vote "NO" on increasing alcohol taxes. You can find their contact information here.

    3. Email this petition to your friends and family to help rally the rest of the state against this intrusion.

    Thank you for your help in stopping this insanity. Only through your action will our movement stand up against the Progressives!

    P.S. - Our organization is funded solely through the generous donations of people like you. Would you consider a $5, $10 or $20 donation to help us continue to fight these issues?

    P.S.S. - Make sure to call your delegates and senator to let them know you won't stand for another round of tax increases!
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