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Thread: Wyoming Roll Call -- Please, Everyone From Wyo POST HERE!

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    Wyoming Roll Call -- Please, Everyone From Wyo POST HERE!

    Hi guys,

    Some of us in Gillette are kicking ourselves back into gear to flood the land with Ron Paul goodness. I know that I am not even aware of many of the supporters around my county, much less all of you holed up in bunkers in remote undisclosed locations throughout this vast and beautiful state of ours. I know the Wyoming nomination process pretty well from last time and want to help other counties, too. We are starting early enough that we really have a chance to win Wyoming for the Gipper this time!

    So, please, everyone, if you are from Wyoming: post here! And PM me, too. I'm on the internet virtually never nowadays, so I won't get back to you immediately, but I'll try to check back here in a few weeks, at least. Let's get networking!

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    Echo? Echo? Come on, Wyomingites, isn't anyone here?

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    I'm not a Wyomingite, but I know there's a lot of potential support for Ron there because of the free State Wyoming movement. Come on, Wyo...represent!
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    I haven't seen many active RP supporters from Wyoming on these forums. I would consider checking out the RP Wyoming facebook groups. You could message everybody in the group or find people that live near you and want to join forces.
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    Hi, I'm not in Campbell but I'm in Johnson next door and would like to get together with Campbell supporters if you guys start meeting and formulating a plan. I actually have a plan that I think will work but I don't want to spread it around to anyone that isn't a sincere supporter. this is the link to the facebook group page I created yesterday. I will suggest that everyone come over to this forum.

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    Im in Gillette

    im in gillette
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    Due to the Wyoming caucus format, if you are not becoming an active part of the Wyoming GOP, then you will not be helping Ron Paul win your state.

    You are almost out of time now. The last 3 years could have been spent building serious good will. But if you are not already an active member of the wyoming GOP -- JOIN NOW! That is the only way to affect the Wyoming caucus outcome!

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    Signing in.

    I concur with GunnyFreedom. The object of the effort here is to send delegates pledged to Ron Paul to the national convention in Tampa. Period. Without that, all else (however much fun) is meaningless.
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    Find out who the precinct members are who will be attending the county conventions and lobby them to support Ron Paul.

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    Or get yourself elected county convention delegate. Check to see how many delegates each precinct will have. You must be registered R in the precinct for which you are a delegate. Check the state and county bylaws.
    Put the "Republic" back in "Republican"!

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