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Thread: Why did Obama name it "Odyssey Dawn"?

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    Default Why did Obama name it "Odyssey Dawn"?

    Only this morning, by the light of the slowly rising sun, did the terrible implication of the code name for America’s new war occur to me. The war is called Odyssey Dawn.

    The Odyssey is the story of a warrior who was trapped for years in a military quagmire on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and then took seven more years in his struggle to return home.

    Why on earth would anyone choose a story of a man stuck for years in the consequences of a rush to battle as the code name of a new war?

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    virgil's trojan war epic poem he wrote
    for augustus caesar also holds a clue?

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    It sure calls to mind a very long trip, very far from home, fraught with horrors, doesn't it?
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    What a stupid idea. I bet there are actual focus groups used to find out which name for a war polls the best. *facepalm*

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    Operation Odyssey Dawn = The start of a long, undefined, aimless mission

    Odyssey: a long series of wanderings or adventures, especially when filled with notable experiences, hardships, etc.
    wandering: moving from place to place without a fixed plan; aimless
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    Odyssey Dawn = O.D.

    Over does of war, spending, and breaking Constitutional law.

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    Carthago delenda est!
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    Bush named the Iraq invasion "Operation O.I.L." He didn't like the anti-flag song about it so he eventually changed the name.

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    I don't think the President is responsible for naming military operations. Pretty sure that's up to the people who plan them. The President just stamps approval.

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    anyone else seeing the irony now more than ever of Barrack Obama receiving the Nobel Peace prize?

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    Equally interesting is the term "dawn" and it's pervasive symbolism which is EVERYWHERE including Obama's logo when he was running for pres. Might not seem important to those not familiar with symbolism... but it is. Symbolism is how secret societies have been communicating for thousands of yrs and they still do. Jordon Maxwell did a whole video on the symbolism of "dawn" in 2009. interesting stuff.

    Jordan Maxwell - The Dawn of a New Day (2009)

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    I think it's part of the criteria to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner to be engaged in three wars with no end in sight

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    Obama is one creepy mofo.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
    I think it's part of the criteria to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner to be engaged in three wars with no end in sight
    I think the drone strikes are what had made the difference between the top contenders for the award.
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    I'm pretty sure it's because some of the most noteworthy events in the Odyssey took place in Lybia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by outspoken View Post
    anyone else seeing the irony now more than ever of Barrack Obama receiving the Nobel Peace prize?
    Ah, how I do love irony.

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    George 'dubya' Bush.Barack 'Libya' Obama.He actually won the 'piece' prize as in wanting a piece of everywhere.

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    I prefer "operation warmongering imbecile".
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    Quote Originally Posted by osan View Post
    I prefer "operation warmongering imbecile".
    Yeah, true... he's just a puppet. All the WAR bull$#@! are the scumbags on the National Security Council (NSC) and the Pentagon pukes that conjure-up these sorcerers titles.

    BTW, anybody catch the 40 killed by US Predator drone attacks in Pakistan the past few days?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agorism View Post
    Why did Obama name it "Odyssey Dawn"?
    Sounds like a movie title....perhaps it's so that when we watch the Nightly news war-entertainment we can feel more comfortable with ourselves?
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    Not now, guys! Dancing With The Stars starts tomorrow!!!

    Sometimes the symbolism search can go a bit far. I haven't seen any of you pointing out that "Obama" is an anagram for "Ma Boa" which could either be a snide way of bragging (as in "ma boa is in ma pants") or some kind of voodoo reference.

    There's actually a whole list of Obama anagrams, any of which can be seen as shocking:

    Heck, USA, I'm an Arab SOB
    A bum raise Bank Chaos
    Has Samurai Backbone
    O Arabic snake, ambush
    O' I mash bareback anus!

    Obama \o-ba-ma\ as a boy's name is of African origin, has the meaning "crooked, somewhat bent".

    Or you could return to the OP and register this interesting little tidbit: The Odyssey begins ten years after the end of the ten-year Trojan War. We're nearing ten years after 9/11 (and the start of our desert adventures).

    Or we could go wild and research all the cults that have used the dawn as their central symbol, or even in their name.

    I'm more likely to believe some insane megalomaniac believes this is the dawn of enlightened democracy in that region, and that the Odyssey reference is just chanced. "It sounds good and the people will think it's smart."
    Genuine, willful, aggressive ignorance is the one sure way to tick me off. I wish I could say you were trolling. I know better, and it's just sad.

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    I would have expected him to call it "MARCH MADNESS: Ali-oop"
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