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Thread: Reported by member of another forum-Family Member in the Navy has Radiation Poisoning

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    Default Reported by member of another forum-Family Member in the Navy has Radiation Poisoning

    **A cousin within my extended family was on a US Naval Ship that entered into the mess in Japan to help save people who were stranded from the tsunami and clear out some of the initial debris. Him a long with 30 others were sent home almost immediately because of an instant illness that has caused them to continuously vomit, have blood coming out of their ears, and he has lost 25lbs in a matter of days. They were all diagnosed with radiation poisoning and are back in the states in hospitals near their hometowns.**
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    The word that i got is they were physically in contact with people who were on or near the nuclear plants, physically were touching materials that had been contaminated and were within close enough quarters that the smell burned their nose hairs clean out of their noses. I would think thats pretty close when it comes to being near radiation. And prior to this ordeal he has never had a health issue in his entire fact he is a former college football player that has kept himself in shape throughout the years.
    As soon as i get more info i will definitely post....the only info i was prive to was that he was one of the first responders on a US Naval Ship that happened to be in the vicinity when the tsunami hit. He was literally there as soon as the afterwash swept away. So the conspiracy of radiation is a bunch of was there all a long. I will definitely keep you guys posted on what i know.
    Ok i have an update and this is definitely going to blow you guys also changes the title to my thread a little too.

    I just spoke with my Uncle Bob (my cousins father) and here is what i have found out and is the story that was relayed to my Uncle via email from my cousin.

    - He is on the USS Roosevelt and is actually being quarantined with almost 30 other people in one part of the ship. They were the first responders to an area that was within 150 ft of one of the nuclear plants. Some of the infected members on board are experiencing heavy vomiting, some are bleeding from the ears, others have lost weight from ranges of 10lbs to 25lbs in the last few days. When asked if he was going to be sent anywhere or taken to a medical facility the response my uncle got was " We were told to remain in this room and when they are ready to do something with us they will let us know".

    I apologize that my initial thread title and some info was off but i had just received an initial phone call from my Aunt Marcia (Uncle Bobs sister) and she was freaking out. If i can get anymore information as it comes in i will let you know.

    Governments are great at covering up on the initial stages. But as you can see no the news people are trying to leave the country for a reason and that is because its unsafe and unhealthy to be amongst that much radiation. If their citizens are being scanned by radiation monitors as a deciding factor as to whether they are allowed to leave the country or not that means that radiation levels are pretty damn high because they are essentially quarantining their own borders.
    Check the update and get back to me. Im not waving a military flag or making up a story. I have a family member who was caught up in the mess and without proper measures taken by our military is now poisoned by radiation.
    This information was passed onto my relatives last night and the rest of the family has been finding out throughout the day as they have obviously been dealing with things before letting the information out to the rest of us.
    Just cleared the air with my Uncle because of the bashing ive received on here......He is not on the Roosevelt he is on the USS George Washington......

    Hope this clears is all please stop attacking me as if im making up lies about my family.

    Read the story and this excerpt and get back to me....Im not lying people!!!!!!!

    "U.S. Navy personnel in Japan began limiting outdoor activities and securing external ventilation systems after instruments aboard an aircraft carrier docked in Yokosuka detected low levels of radioactivity from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the Navy said."

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    Hillbilly, am I correct in reading this - it isn't your uncle - it is the uncle of the someone in another forum, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hillbilly123069 View Post
    have blood coming out of their ears, and he has lost 25lbs in a matter of days.
    Gee, I know that the alarmist stuff we see posted on the RPF has historically proved to be accurate about 0.1% of the time, but despite that track record, I'm thinking of calling "bull $#@!" on this one.

    A Navy guy, who would presumably not be all that heavy to begin with, lost 25 lbs in a few days? The only way to lose that much weight that quickly would be to endure massive dehydration- but that would not occur if he was on a Navy ship, he'd be given IV fluids (and no, "radiation" does not cause liquids to boil off or any such comic book nonsense).

    According to this "report" the guy was cleaning debris from the Tsunami, not sitting on top of the reactor, which makes it even less likely to be true. If this was the case, then the Japanese who live in the area (to say nothing of those who worked at the facility), who would have suffered significantly longer exposure, would be dying like flies, yet there has been no report of any such illness/fatality in the population.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. It's a "cover up"- everything is a conspiracy.

    But riddle me this, geniuses, if there is a huge conspiracy to cover up this information, how did this sailor manage to get word to his entire family, including distant relatives? If there was a massive conspiracy to cover up, Popeye wouldn't be yacking to Uncle Phil and 2nd Cousin Junior about how his ears are bleeding.

    One more thing, massive (in this case, ridiculous) weight loss is not a symptom of radiation poisoning, nor is "bleeding from the ears," but why let that get in the way of sensationalism?

    I wish some of you were as skeptical/cynical about BS rumors as you are (rightfully) about government BS.

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