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Thread: Clyde Cleveland coming to Roswell Sunday, February 27th

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    Clyde Cleveland coming to Roswell Sunday, February 27th

    Do you believe we’ve lost the liberty and freedom that our founding fathers designed for our country? Join Clyde Cleveland, the author of Common Sense Revisited and 2002 libertarian candidate for Iowa Governor, for an eye-opening presentation on our Government and how we can restore it to the Republic in its original form. Please visit; many of your questions will be answered on this site! Clyde will be speaking Sunday, February 27th from 3:30 to 5:30 at the Roswell Public Library. You will receive a copy of Clyde’s book for attending. For more information contact Nora Jones at 623-3728.

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    Clyde Cleveland was a good libertarian candidate for governor when he ran here in Iowa. I also really liked his book.

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