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Thread: COMPLETE List of Ideas to Promote Ron Paul

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    Arrow COMPLETE List of Ideas to Promote Ron Paul

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The information contained in this thread is now available and maintained on the Ron Paul Gateway. DO NOT post comments on this thread, as it is no longer maintained.

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    This is an attempt to organize the ideas floating around to promote Ron Paul. The goal is to create something that supporters can use as a reference. Please continue to provide comments!

    See the COMPLETE List of Promo Products & Sources thread for a detailed list of available products.

    One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. – PLATO


    Individual: Non-Internet
    • Talk to everyone (family, friends, neighbors, workmates, classmates, strangers)
    • Join a Meetup group & participate
    • Donate to the Campaign
    • Donate to ChipIn; Make pledge to PledgeBank
    • Ask family & friends to donate
    • Wear RP t-shirt, hat, button, lapel sticker, wristband
    • Add bumper sticker, window decal, etc. to vehicle
    • Display yard/window sign at home and small business
    • Distribute promotional material (flyers, CDs/DVDs, ...)
    • Post flyers on message boards (work, campus, stores, ...)
    • Hang posters in work elevator, office
    • Stamp envelopes, packages, business cards, money, ...
    • Place stickers on envelopes, packages, business cards, ...
    • Distribute "Tax Free Tips Act" to tip-based employees
    • Distribute "Keeping Promises to Seniors" to seniors
    • Give RP gifts (books, liberty dollars, ...)
    • Send RP Christmas & Holiday gift cards
    • Volunteer for Republican club at school
    • Produce YouTube videos & music

    Individual: Internet
    Group: Non-Internet
    Local/Mainstream Media
    Open Air Advertising
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    Great post! Thanks!

    Everyone should see this.

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    Fantastic post, I might even suggest it being stickied.
    tu ne cede malis

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    Lightbulb Holiday Yard Sign

    I think might be covered in the overall list above, but Christmas decorating weekend is around the corner, does anyone know if someone is selling Holiday-themed yard signs?

    Like: Ron Paul for President, Give the Gift of Liberty

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    Default To expand on gifting

    This is an excellent thread. To expand a little on one of the suggestions...

    Check your local library(ies) for your favorite Ron Paul book(s). If it isn't part of the collection already, I'm sure they'd appreciate a donation.

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    Default Can you add our Myspace project to your list

    Please see this thread for details

    In short it is an attempt to canvass the state through personal notes written to Iowa Myspace users. Hopefully if it goes well we can apply it to upcoming states.

    We just put out the first draft of the sign up sheet last night and need to build some momentum to really get this thing going.

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    Loving the ideas. Let's keep things 100% positive (and not embolden those who disagree by slamming anyone).

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    Default Know the Rules About Voting in the Primaries

    Everyone should know what he has to do to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries, since this varies from state to state. For example, in Pennsylvania one must be registered as a Republican by March 24, 2008. In my case I must change my party affiliation from Independent to Republican. Many of you are in the same situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newmedia4ron View Post
    Take action!

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    See the important note at the top of this thread. DO NOT post comments here, as this thread is no longer maintained.
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    Don't forget to have your ideas added to the database.

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    Good list of campaign promotion ideas here.
    I'm a moderator, and I'm glad to help. But I'm an individual -- my words come from me. Any idiocy within should reflect on me, not Ron Paul, and not Ron Paul Forums.

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