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    RP 2007 Campaign History

    January - FEBURARY 2007.

    Pre Presidential Campaign

    Paul's concerns about running for president stemmed from the desire to sustain a candidacy that isn't embarrassing. He wants to be able to raise money of a decent amount or the Presidential race would be a waste of time. Dr. Paul wanted to have an impact on people but only if they allowed him to share his philosophy and impact them. For Dr. Ron Paul it is not an easy decision to run for president as he did before in the Libertarian party. It is a hard decision because Dr. Paul may lose not only the presidency. But, also he may lose his seat as a congressman in Texas. His response to the media was always the same. When the media asked him, 'What are you going to do when your president?’ He always said, “What the correct thing to say is, 'what am I not going to do?'” He went on further to say I'm not going to run your life, I'm not going to control you, I am going to limit government as the intent was. And I am going to get back to the United States Constitution. I want to give our children’s future and freedom back to them. Dr. Ron Paul also stated he will not use signing statements while President as many before him did. He would end the Iraq war within 4 months or very close to that time.
    Paul originally thought he wasn't the best candidate available to run for President. He wasn't convinced he would have the most support, organization, and funds. Paul however didn't lack the strong belief that freedom is right and correct. He couldn't convince himself to run until he raised 500,000$ the first month in his exploratory committee. The exploratory committee was created Friday January 23rd 2007. The money he raised made his mind up quickly. Dr. Paul was very convinced the country was starved for his message. And you know what? He was right! Everyone on the streets, Paul says, agree with all my views but when it gets down to it and voting they say, well except for this detail and except for this and that.

    The reason Ron Paul came to Congress in the first place was because of his worry of the United States Economy due to in part the over expenditure of money and the threat of an economic collapse. Dr. Paul firmly believes and rightfully so that the dollar is worse now than when he first became congressman. Paul’s wife warned him when he first ran for congress and told him not to run for congress! “It will be dangerous” to which Dr. Paul inquired, “Dangerous?” She then said, “Dangerous you might win.” Since then Dr. Paul has served 10 different terms as congressman after having a successful career in delivering babies as an OBGYN.

    Thursday the 11th of January 2007 Dr. Paul filed papers with the Texas Secretary of State to create a nonprofit organization to test the playing field of a possible run for presidency. Even though he didn't commit to running for president it could have been as good as gold. The Ron Paul Revolution actually started at about 4:30PM January 11th. Lew Rockwell made a public posting online and within minutes of the posting blogs across the net were buzzing with the exciting news that Paul was launching an exploratory committee. Within 2 hours of Lews posting the news spread like wild fire. All over the net, websites, forums and underground media sources were covering the story. Within his first month Dr. Ron Paul raised 500,000$ 'Spontaneously' as Dr. Paul puts it. He felt it was a great start and it convinced him to officially announce his bid for Presidency. Dr. Paul's first radio interview after announcing his Exploratory Committee came January 17th on the Alex Jones show where he was interviewed by Jack Blood. Dr. Paul was interviewed again on the same show on Feb 15th with Alex Jones himself.

    Presidential Campaign
    MARCH 2007.

    In March of 2007 Ron Paul decided to officially become a Presidential candidate. Dr. Paul officially announced his candidacy on C-Span on March 12th 2007 at 7:30am. Then on March 23rd 11 days after the official announcement the Ron Paul Exploratory Committee website moved to for a more official sounding name. Dr. Paul’s first main stream media interview after his announcement came on March 21st. Bill Hemmer interviewed Ron Paul on Fox News 'Because You Asked' segment after Fox received hundreds of e-mails from viewers complaining of lack of coverage on Ron Paul. The e-mailers complained that fox was not fair and balanced as they claimed. After all there was not even a single mention Dr. Paul entered into the Presidential race from any news source in the main stream media.

    APRIL 2007.

    April 1st Ron Paul was interviewed by Bill Maher who said, Ron Paul was much more extreme than himself. He definitely didn't have a wonderful opinion of Ron Paul which changed in a later interview we'll discuss later on. As of April 2nd Ron Paul's YouTube subscribers totaled at 596 people. April 10th U.S.A.Today's Gallop Poll put Paul among the ranks of other candidates. Rudy Giuliani was at 38%, John McCain at 16%, Mitt Romney 6%, Tommy Thompson 2%, Ron Paul 2%, Mike Huckabee 1%, Sam Brownback 1%, Duncan Hunter 1%, Jim Gilmore 0%. On April 13th, in an interview Dr. Paul states, 'No taxes on the internet!' Government will get into all of our business and tax us. The internet will be as unsafe as we are now outside of the internet.

    People in New Hampshire donate to Ron Paul by 20% more than other top tier candidates.

    Right now in mid-April Ron Paul takes over Google hits. More people search for Ron Paul than any other candidate. April 23rd Ron Paul, is Interviewed on the CNN Lou Dobbs show. Lou Dobbs says that the topic is free trade. Ron Paul says, "I am for free trade.' 'I am not for the type of system we have today' 'It serves the special interest groups not the United States citizens.' On April 25th Ron Paul pledges to never raise taxes as president. He said he would veto every bill put in front of him that Raised taxes. Due to his flawless record, it can only be believed.
    Ron Paul's campaign has started picking up steam by now in April, and surprised many people who took notice in January and said not much will happen.

    MAY 2007.

    May 1st Dr. Paul pays 25,000$ to register in New Hampshire to be on the Republican ballot. On May 3rd Ron Paul enjoys his first GOP debate at the Ronald Regan Presidential Library hosted on Television by MSNBC. The debate results put Dr. Paul at 43% beating the Runner up by 5%. May 5th voting placed Paul the highest at 32%. He was also given the lowest negative rating at 29%, (which means less people disliked him than others). Ron Paul’s website hits EXPLODED after the debate and tripled. May 6th marked the time that the other GOP candidates started changing their tactics due to Ron Paul's popularity. This is how you know you can win and that your tactics are good.
    Since the debate on May 3rd, Ron Paul:

    * Won two post-debate polls hosted by MSNBC.
    * Placed third at 18% which was close to second, in a post-debate poll on the conservative Drudge Report.
    * Won an online debate poll with 84%.
    * Won a C-SPAN online GOP candidate poll with 69%.
    * Became the third most-mentioned person in the blogosphere, beating out Paris Hilton, according to
    * Produced a video that was ranked the 8th most popular overall video, and the most-viewed political video.
    * Was featured, by popular demand, on the front of
    * Generated so many bulletin posts on that the site owner News Corp. blocked all additional posts about Dr. Paul.
    * Became a "most searched" term on Google and Yahoo!
    * Saw a quadrupling of daily visitors to

    The strength has political pundits scrambling to explain it. How does he do it? Where does this support come from? How can we harness this power? May 10th Dr. Paul receives 53,540 views of the Ronald Regan debate video posted on his YouTube channel, in four days. May 11th Dr. Paul fly’s above Mitt Romney in subscriptions. 1,961 to 1,889. South Carolina GOP Debate was held on May 15th and hosted by Fox News. Fox Poll results placed Paul at 25% just under Mitt Romney at 29%. Again political pundits were scratching their heads. May 19th Paul's subscriptions climb on
    Obama - 5,639 Paul - 4,136
    Then days later Ron Paul SHOOTS to 8,000 subscriptions surpassing Obama Quickly. Ron Paul endorsements keep piling on. UROC The United Republicans of America, who supported Barry Goldwater and are known for supporting the traditional conservative wing of Republicans, support Ron Paul. New York Times finally acknowledges Dr. Paul’s 'web of support'. And take notice of the supporters who are everywhere.
    May 23rd Dr. Paul’s subscriptions on YouTube now double 2nd place Obama. 10,001 to 5,768.
    May 25 Bill Maher has a different take on Republican Dr. Ron Paul. In Maher’s first interview with Ron Paul he was calling Ron Paul more extreme than he is and implying that he might be crazy. After seeing the last presidential debate Bill Maher said, he wanted to know more and wish he had scratched the surface deeper during the first interview with Dr. Paul. Bill Maher said in this new interview 'If America was smarter wouldn't you be leading in the polls?' followed by hollers and clapping. Dr. Paul said 'the Peace candidate always wins!' which is true.
    May 28. Ron Paul has double subscribers than all other Republican candidates combined!
    Paul - 12,103
    Total for everyone else - 5,916
    During the end of May Ron Paul becomes the most demanded GOP Presidential candidate on the website It’s starting to be realized Ron Paul’s chances are seriously improving thanks to his grassroots supporters. drew a 27 percent share of visitors to Republican candidate sites in May. attracted almost 21 percent.

    JUNE 2007.

    June 5th yielded a debate in New Hampshire at the Thomas Sullivan Arena hosted by CNN. Voting after the debate placed Paul in 2nd at 25% of the votes. People were scratching their heads saying 'How is he doing so well?' Is it his supporters? What is it! Us supporters know why he is doing so well. Truth is he has a wonderful message and people know it to be true. So it can only reflect that in the supporters and votes. June 6th Tucker Carlson of MSNBC interviews Dr. Paul and admits he supports him. Tucker is blown away by Paul and his wonderful constitutional views.
    By June 7th, 8,223 Meetup members in 224 groups in 206 cities in five countries have put together 184 'events in support of Ron Paul.
    It's not just the Fox News polls that portray a jump in support for Paul. According to, Paul's MySpace support has reached over 20% its original size to 15,000 "friends." Ron Paul's YouTube stats jumped by 621.2% with 533,314 views. Almost one million people have visited the Ron Paul YouTube Channel, which is second only to Barack Obama. "Paul's internet support is translating into real results offline. Last Friday, Dr. Paul became Bill Maher's "new favorite person" on his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher. June 10th "Analyst Predicts One Million Ron Paul Supporters Online by 2008"
    June 11th "Ron Paul has a chance to win this election. Is that too optimistic?

    The presidential election, so far for Paul, is amazing. This is the first time a presidential campaign was fueled so much and picked up so much steam so early on while grabbing the attention of so many people.
    June 13th shows Ron Paul meet up groups at 11,383 members in 269 cities who have held 293 events nationwide. Dr. Paul tops the charts among all presidential candidates on,, and Phone calls and e-mails continue to pour into the Ron Paul office.

    "No leader in Washington has fought to end illegal immigration harder than Congressman Ron Paul," said Ron Paul 2008 campaign chairman Kent Snyder. "Dr. Paul knows that America must never grant amnesty to those who are in our country illegally."

    Iowans for Tax Relief and Iowa Christian Alliance plan to host a presidential candidate’s forum on Saturday, June 30th in Des Moines. Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, Tommy Thompson, and Tom Tancredo are all participating. However Ron Paul was excluded from the Iowans for Tax Relief and Iowa Christian Alliance candidates’ forum debate. Because they simply chose not to and couldn't fit him in due to money and scheduling errors. Even though Dr. Paul gave a speech at one of the highest rated functions the ITR and ICA give. He also has the most consistent and best record for tax relief ever, at least in current congress. A person who supports tax relief and the constitution like him, there has got to be more of a reason to why he wasn't invited.
    June 26 Paul's campaign office announced it needed to move because of the growing size.

    On June 30th in DES MOINES, IOWA – Presidential candidate Ron Paul held a rally today celebrating life and liberty at the Hy-Vee Hall in Des Moines, Iowa. The event was held immediately after and next door to a Republican candidate’s forum sponsored by the Iowa Christian Alliance and Iowans for Tax Relief. The public was invited. Food and beverage was provided to the first 500 people who arrived.
    Dr. Paul was the only GOP candidate excluded from the Iowa debate forum, so his campaign organized an event of its own. Despite being planned in less than a week, Dr. Paul's event singlehandedly outdrew the other forum and its six participating candidates by several hundred attendees.
    "Today, Ron Paul demonstrated how deeply his message of freedom and limited government is resonating across the nation," said campaign manager Lew Moore. "Ron Paul has generated more grassroots excitement and support than any other candidate in the race," continued Moore. "The campaign is building on this momentum around the country as we drive toward the nomination."
    Dr. Paul, addressing a packed room, received thunderous applause many times and as well as several standing ovations. Observers believe that this event was the biggest rally for a Republican candidate in Iowa during this campaign cycle.

    JULY 2007.

    July 2nd 2007 The Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign today became the first campaign to launch an iPhone platform. This new platform allowed iPhone users to access the campaign’s Web 2.0 applications, such as social networking tools and online videos, directly from their iPhones.
    July 3rd 2007 after an airport rally in Arizona recently, a tall black man in an Obama shirt came up to shake Dr. Ron Paul's hand. He said he had stopped to listen, stayed to learn, and now wanted a Ron Paul shirt. And sure enough, when Dr. Paul saw him again, he was wearing one.
    Ron Paul said, 'Diversity is much talked about these days, for purposes of government enhancement, but its reality is rare. However, I've seen it—everyday, in our campaign.
    Young people, middle-aged people, seniors, whites, blacks, Hispanics, new citizens, old-line families, Republicans in suits and ties, hippies, home-schoolers, high-schoolers, homemakers, small business people, workers and capitalists, all united in their love for country and Constitution.
    As my great mentor Ludwig von Mises showed, government meddling in the economy creates conflict, as special-interest groups seek to rip us off through big government. The voluntarism of the free market, on the other hand, brings social cooperation and peace. That's why this campaign is a showcase for the real unity-in-diversity that is freedom.
    Of course, the number of young people continues to thrill me. When I ask them how they got interested, they usually mention the Constitution. Old-style permissive parenting held that kids should do as they wanted, but kids want and need rules, and they know that government needs them too. Thus our Constitution—the few, good rules for a society of liberty, and for the social and international peace that we all want.
    Two other notes: conservative talk show host Michael Smerconish told me he has changed his mind on the war, and now agrees with us. And a Republican county chairman in South Carolina said I am unwelcome in his county because of my position on the war. He will help all other candidates, but not me.
    But just as the Iowa exclusion didn't work—we had more people, and far more enthusiastic people, than the official event--so this man will not be successful.'

    July 6th Presidential Candidate Numbers of YouTube Channel Views put Obama at number 1 - with 5,186,833 views and Dr. Paul at Number 2 with - 2,092,246 views.
    July 13 Dr. Paul has 20,677 people in 428 cities across America signed up with to participate in grassroots activities. Meetup members have thus far held 1,127 events for Dr. Paul: walking neighborhoods, making signs and handing out literature. Democrat Barack Obama has 5,327 Meetup members. Republican Mitt Romney has 29 members.
    July 20 Ron Paul’s campaign office closed temporarily to move into a bigger office to handle the exponentially grown campaign.
    July 21 Ron Paul visited Summit Pointe Events Center and received no less than 16 standing ovations during his hour-plus speech and question-and-answer session. They started when he entered the room, continued when he re-entered after doing a quick TV interview and grew louder when he was formally introduced.
    People here at the Summit Pointe Events Center didn't previously seem friendly. One thing has shown that people are hungry for truth and freedom and its shown how his impact is waking people to the freedom message and taking a liking.

    AUGUST 2007.

    Ron Paul wins FreedomWorks Straw Poll online receiving 16,371 votes at 56% on August 4th. August 9th Early in the afternoon, Ron Paul's YouTube channel reached 25,000 subscribers Obama has 9,848 subscribers. On August 11th Ron Paul placed 5th In an Iowa straw Poll Ron Paul: 1,305 votes for 9.1%
    August 17th Illinois straw poll Dr. Paul came in third with 18.87%.
    August 18th at West Alabama Republican Assembly straw Poll, Ron Paul received 216 votes in first place and Mitt Romney in 2nd with 14 winning yet another straw poll.
    Ron Paul also won another straw poll at Strafford County New Hampshire. Dr. Paul won with 73% of the vote receiving a total of 208 votes.

    Ron Paul’s campaign made a meetup competition between all Meetup groups ending Aug 31st at 11:59PM. The top 2 meetup groups to raise the most money for Dr. Paul will receive a visit from Ron Paul himself in a rally at the meetup group’s hometown. The 2 Runner up groups will receive a private conference call with Dr. Paul accompanied with Autographed books and pictures. The winners were Meetup #25, Greater Philadelphia Ron Paul Presidential Campaign, and Meetup #50, Manhattan + Ron Paul Action Group NYC. The Runner up's who received a conference call and free items were Meetup #94, The Greater Chicago Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group, Meetup #6, Ron Paul for President - HQNH, and Meetup #59, The Irvine Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group.

    August 25th one of the first biggest named supporters of Dr. Paul passed away. Aaron Russo was one of the first biggest advocates of Ron Paul that wanted to see nothing more than a Dr. Paul victory. Aaron Russo created the video Freedom to Fascism and he also produced Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd.

    Dr. Paul is an internet craze by now, at the end of August 31st! There is no doubt about it now. The main stream outlets had said, 'There is no real support for Ron Paul a fringe candidate whose supporters are spammers on the internet. Making him look like a more influential candidate than he really is'. They said that from day one of the campaign but were forced to change their opinions because they were realized the huge support he has by activists on the streets and tons of e-mails and calls to media outlets across the country.

    SEPTEMBER 2007.

    September 1st The Huffines raised $102,000 at their house in support of Ron Paul. One of the biggest single achievements of Ron Paul supporters.
    September 2nd Congressman Ron Paul placed third in the Texas GOP Straw Poll with 16 percent of the vote. The solid outcome marked the conclusion of a highly successful weekend during which the campaign had a rally with over 1,000 attendees, and raised well over $100,000. Today’s results continue a trend around the nation of top or middle tier finishes for the Paul campaign.

    OCTOBER 2007.

    Over 5 million dollars was raised in Quarter 2 for Ron Paul. Followed closely behind by John McCain. This also helped to stop calling Ron Paul a fringe candidate.
    October 9th yielded over 30,000 YouTube subscribers!
    October 31'st supporters created the website It was to inform neighbors on Halloween night about the Politician and help spread the word of freedom.

    NOVEMBER 2007.

    November 2007 was a big month for Dr. Ron Paul. A website created by Trevor Lyman called helped raise 4.2 million dollars for Ron Paul. Main Stream Media immediately took notice at the huge total raised. They were shocked and awed to say the least. 37,000 that is 37 THOUSAND people donated to Ron Paul on one day. To the people claiming Ron Paul was nothing more than a few spammers were instantly proven wrong, again.
    November 5th saw the creation and coining of the term “Money bomb”. “Money bomb” was coined a term in relation to Guy Fawkes Day. In history the historical figure Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the English parliament building on November 5th. (Also see the movie V for Vendetta that is based off Guy Fawkes and November 5th.)

    Everyone wanted to know who is this Trevor Lyman? After digging, the media found out he was a 37 year old business man never voted a day in his live. He suddenly stumbled upon YouTube Ron Paul videos while he was searching for some type of music videos. He was a business man who helped spread new music online. He was instantly hooked; he moved his home to New Hampshire to help the congressman win the presidential election of 2008. So far he has generated November 5th which drove in 4.2 million dollars. Soon after the November 5th victory he created a blimp that raised over 400,000$ to fly around North East America spreading Ron Paul's name with banners. One side of the blimp reads 'Google Ron Paul', the other side reads 'Ron Paul Revolution'. The blimp was supposed to fly to Boston in December on the day of the Boston Tea Party anniversary and celebration for Ron Paul but due to weather it was unable to make the event.
    Another money bomb drive that was rather successful it’s self in November was on November 30th which raised over $500,000.

    November 5th was the most money raised in one day by any candidate ever according to the figures and numbers from the official FEC standings. Presidential candidates in the past have said they raised more money than the FEC standings show. But, the official numbers the Ron Paul campaign found at FEC weren't what past presidential candidates said. November 5th had 36,672 donors. The average donation amount from those donors was $103 dollars.
    November 12th according to CNN and Rassmussen reports Paul is polling at 5% to 6% nationally.
    November 14th In Ron Paul’s interview with USA Daily they asked Dr. Paul if he could unite this divided country, Paul said:
    “I see no greater unifying message than that of freedom, peace, and prosperity, and that is what this campaign is all about. Every day my support grows exponentially as Americans realize that government has overstepped its bounds and is threatening both their lives and livelihoods with foreign and economic policies that are bringing the nation to ruin. My message is what this country was founded on; what this country ended slavery for; what every people across the world seek: freedom.”
    November 20th Ron Paul wins GQ's Dark Horse of the Year award. The 12th annual GQ awards featured Ron Paul as the only presidential hopeful to win this award ever.

    DECEMBER 2007.

    December 11, 2007 Computerworld wrote, -- 'If presidential elections were determined by the success of the Web 2.0 efforts of candidates, the leaders today would be Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).
    Both candidates have found much success in getting voters to view their videos on YouTube, their photos on Flickr and their profiles on MySpace, according to a new study released Monday by Internet research firm Compete Inc. The study set out to measure the time 2 million online users spent interacting with the candidates through MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Meetup (a site for organizing groups) and candidate Web sites.

    Paul led all the candidates in what Compete called "Face Time," or the total time users spent viewing content about him on the Web 2.0 sites, with 167,760 total hours in October, according to Compete. Obama came in second with 86,548 hours, and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) rounded out the top three with 60,876 hours.'

    In a blog report on the Washington post’s website by Rosalind Helderman reported, '...Peter James, 52, isn't just running as a Republican for the seat, now held by Rep. Albert R. Wynn (D) -- James is running as a Ron Paul Republican.
    James said he is one of five Congressional candidates running for Maryland at least in part to draw attention to the Texas representative whose presidential campaign has been something of a grassroots phenomenon. Paul advocates libertarian positions, including abolishing the federal income tax and the closure of many federal agencies. He opposes the war in Iraq.
    James, a businessman from Germantown, said Paul will need allies in Congress if elected president. But even if he does not, the "Ron Paul message is stronger than the man himself."
    He acknowledged running with an R after his name will be tough, but he said at least a third of those who attend local weekly Ron Paul meet-ups identify themselves as liberal Democrats concerned with the growth of the federal government.
    "We're seeing disenchanted Democrats, who say whether I elect Giuliani or Hillary, I'm getting the same thing," James said. "I believe there's a very strong contingent of voters out there who have been woken up by this message. The numbers, they way I look at them, are very doable."...... '

    Ron Paul has finally learned after 3-4 years of people saying Ron, You have to run for president! The support is there for your presidency. His libertarian run in the 80’s didn't have such a big impact as his current run as a Republican is having. He knew the ground work was being laid for a libertarian run and didn't know how sincere the people would believe the message. He is shocked and surprised how much the people are unhappy and ready for his message. He is also taken back by the army of people supporting him.

    On December 15th Hundreds if not Thousands of people demonstrated and held a “sign bomb”. They held signs in support of Ron Paul coinciding with the bill of rights day. This was also an effort to get the message out that on December 16th there will be another huge donation day to Ron Paul and to be part of it.
    December 17th was the Tea Party celebration day in support of Ron Paul created by, Trevor Lyman. Paul supporters donated 6.4 million more in a “money bomb” in celebration for the day. Ron Paul’s son attended the event and spoke with tons of avid supporters. The event also had a mock throwing of tea boxes into the water. The “money bomb” and Tea Party anniversary celebration brought in 6.2 million for Paul shattering the old record made a month earlier.
    Ron Paul is approaching 10% in polls that often do not mention his name, never call cell phone numbers, and only poll people who voted in the last Republican primary.
    Paul is polling at a minimum of 22% in all the college polls that I have seen. College kids often do not have land lines and rarely voted four years ago.
    Ron Paul supporters will show up to vote. Double his polling numbers and then start adding the youth vote. If Paul reaches 15% in any scientific poll, in any state, he has a real chance to win that state. He is currently winning in Alaska (27%), polling at 11% in South Carolina, 10% in Nevada, 9% in New Hampshire, and 9% in Iowa. These facts have been barely reported by the main stream media.

    The Reason we call it a Revolution.

    Where did the term Ron Paul Revolution come from? Well one thing is for sure. It didn't originate from the head quarters of the Ron Paul campaign. Upon an investigation the origin of this catchy phrase is revealed. was created as soon as the news about Ron Paul making an Exploratory Committee was released back in January of 2007. It was the first exclusive Ron Paul blog online. It was created even before the Paul Campaign had a website or a phone number. The same gentleman created the first Ron Paul meetup group on January 20th 2007 for the Phoenix Arizona area. Ernie Hancock came up with the idea of the 'Ron Paul Revolution' slogan. was created later by the same gentlemen Ernie Hancock, to help send materials to Ron Paul supporters to make signs. The Ron Paul Revolution will be YouTubed it was said by the Ernie Hancock team.
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    Rules to gain ground for our efforts. Remember we are the role models for liberty don't abuse it.
    Constructive criticism
    No condescending tones
    Allow room for disagreement
    Be respectful
    It takes time
    Don't flip out when "bad" things happen
    Be forward looking and be part of the solution not just the reaction
    There is no perfect candidate
    Support freedom locally as well as nationally
    Don't worry about negatives said against us but instead worry about giving something positive to say.

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    One of the next arriving meetup groups was created by a gentleman named Dumas '.... He formed the Pasadena group for Ron Paul 2008 in March of 2007, and put a link on Paul's website to help others start meetup groups. "It was quickly just bombarded," said Dumas, 51. "People began starting their own meetups all over the country." '

    Ron Paul has even taken on the slogan the Ron Paul Revolution. Here is a comment he made during his campaign in 2007.
    'A 13-year-old said to me the other day, "Dr. Paul, you are the hope of my future." No, I told her, but this Revolution is.' There are 3 parts to the Revolution. The Message, the campaign and us, the supporters.

    We call it a Revolution because there is so much Ron Paul support that some websites had to stop Ron Paul postings. MySpace had to disallow Ron Paul’s mention on their blogs because so many people were buzzing with news.

    Ron Paul had more donations than any other candidate all quarters combined. What the media doesn't take into account is all the hard work and dedication the grassroots supporters do. Anywhere you go across the country you are bound to see a person wearing a Ron Paul T-shirt, waving a Ron Paul sign, sticker on a car, poster on a wall, flyer on your window. And you definitely can't miss the support online. Anyplace where the masses converge on the internet like MySpace, eBay, craigslist, you can find endless support for Ron Paul. Anytime someone mentions his name on the internet, or a TV show, they instantly receive hundreds and hundreds of e-mails and responses. Way more than any person or thing has generated before. YouTube is filled with more Ron Paul videos than I think anyone else has. I believe it is a pretty safe bet that Ron Paul is the most YouTubed person ever! He’s the most posted about, blogged about, the most information about and the fastest to do get there. Before January of 2007 who could have guessed this could happen? The media takes this so for granted. The records, the numbers, the changes, the supporters, the enthusiasm. How can any media outlet not have frenzy over this? Dr. Paul and his supporters totally destroyed what everyone believed to be the Political process. Nothing is the same for Dr. Paul. That means that the media needs to look at Dr. Paul in a different way because the different way his campaign works and pay more attention. Other congressmen want to emulate Paul and be best buddies when before Paul used to be relatively alone. They don't understand that its freedom that is the power Dr. Paul has. If those Congressmen offered some of that message they might get the same response.
    The Ron Paul campaign got more donations from soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines than any other which made a big impression in Congressmen. Many of Dr. Paul’s colleagues were amazed and encouraged that you can be against this unconstitutional and disastrous war, and still receive military support.
    People have walked for Ron Paul Such as Halldorson, a 34-year-old political activist and, Kelly Halldorson. People have ridden their bikes across the country such as from California to Washington DC in support of Ron Paul. There have been endless rallies across the country. There have been thousands of meetups between supporters to spread the message.
    One Ron Paul supporter wrote “Ron Paul” in huge letters in the black top on the rooftop of his building. Now when airplanes in the Airport nearby landed or took off passengers would see the huge message saying, 'Google Ron Paul'.

    Ron Paul has been called crazy, and unreasonable. A quote by George Bernard Shaw 'Man and Superman' 1903, gives us a good insight into the unreasonable.
    'The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depeneds on the unreasonable man.'

    Ron Paul touches on some of his topics,

    'I talked about all our ideas: marching out of Iraq just as we marched in; no more meddling in the Middle East; bringing the troops home, from hundreds of expensive bases all over the world, so that we could have the money we need for the transition to freedom in social programs, and to abolish the personal income tax and the IRS. They are not compatible with a free society.
    In a Ron Paul administration, we would also repeal the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act, restore habeas corpus and stop the spying on Americans. No more eavesdropping on our e-mails and bank accounts, our phone calls, home and businesses. No national ID — just the bracing freedom of the Constitution.
    We must have sound money, and not a giant counterfeiting machine called the Federal Reserve that causes recessions and inflation. We must have private property rights, with no pollution or other attacks on property. We should enforce the Second Amendment, and all the Bill of Rights. We can have privacy for us, not secrecy for a corrupt bureaucracy.
    It is all within our grasp, the restoration of the republic and our sovereignty — no UN, no North American Union, no Nafta, no WTO, no World Bank, no IMF. Just federalism, free enterprise, peace, prosperity, and the kind of future we all want for our families, ourselves, and our fellow Americans.'
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    Rules to gain ground for our efforts. Remember we are the role models for liberty don't abuse it.
    Constructive criticism
    No condescending tones
    Allow room for disagreement
    Be respectful
    It takes time
    Don't flip out when "bad" things happen
    Be forward looking and be part of the solution not just the reaction
    There is no perfect candidate
    Support freedom locally as well as nationally
    Don't worry about negatives said against us but instead worry about giving something positive to say.

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    nice write-up
    Thanks, I know it's not the best but its good enough. It took me many many hours to "go through the weeds".
    Rules to gain ground for our efforts. Remember we are the role models for liberty don't abuse it.
    Constructive criticism
    No condescending tones
    Allow room for disagreement
    Be respectful
    It takes time
    Don't flip out when "bad" things happen
    Be forward looking and be part of the solution not just the reaction
    There is no perfect candidate
    Support freedom locally as well as nationally
    Don't worry about negatives said against us but instead worry about giving something positive to say.

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