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    Indeed. Not the type of thing you wish to hear.
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    Man, a woman as beautiful as her needs some serious security detail if she's going into a situation like this. After all, I heard Mubarak released a lot of prisoners during the protests, so you already have an increased risk of violence no matter what's going on in the square.
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    I Blame CBS
    sure lets drop a woman who looks like this

    Drop her off into the middle of a revolution with tens of thousands of hungry, angry poor men like this

    A couple of body guards should suffice right?

    I dont blame Lara in any way, like i said i blame CBS
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    I don't wish that sort of thing on anybody, but man this sort of thing really shows the arrogance of the media. Like they can do whatever they want with no repercussions for their decisions since they feel "untouchable". Yeah we'll drop a blond with large rack reporter into the middle of a revolution and since she's media she'll have a magic force field around her.

    Same goes for media trying to sabotage certain politicians for personal gain. You never know when the laws of journalistic immunity just happen to disappear when you least expect it.
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    The entire internet is the domain of paid shills and bots. If you don't know this by now....

    Israel, under control of the Crown and, ultimately, the Vatican, own the USA. If you don't know this by now....

    Talk to people about liberty. You won't find it on websites, you won't find it in politicians.

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    I couldn't find any reports stating what kind of sexual assault? Was she raped or did someone grab her ass? While I am not questioning that she got assaulted (which is CBS's fault) like hundreds of others on that day, I am wondering whether it was sexual in nature at all.

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    Isn't she the same reporter who was involved in some military sex scandal in Iraq? I remember her being interviewed by Colbert and she was a big supporter of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan; which is strange for a "reporter".
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExPatPaki View Post
    Isn't she the same reporter who was involved in some military sex scandal in Iraq? I remember her being interviewed by Colbert and she was a big supporter of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan; which is strange for a "reporter".
    Wrong - she was interviewed as being critical of the coverage "when do you ever see a dead American soldier" which would probably make here politics left of center by US standards, and BTW she is born in South Africa.

    Nice try at the she deserved whatever happened line, but I'm not buying.

    Are reporters generally ignorant - yep. But I'm not playing blame the victim.
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    I did not like her 60 minutes stuff at all but certainily no one deserves this. two totally different issues.

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    As a good friend of mine said, "NOT ONE MORE DIME!" and he's a Democrat, well sorta starting to lean in the Ron Paul direction
    "For those who think the fight for liberty can be won in a couple presidential elections, piss off!"

    The fight for Liberty is a lifelong commitment that takes years of blood, sweat, and tears.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lester1/2jr View Post
    I did not like her 60 minutes stuff at all but certainily no one deserves this. two totally different issues.
    Right. She outright lies about the Taliban wanting to bring al-Qaeda into post-war Afghanistan. The Taliban always knew bin Laden was a liability and that's why they continually offered him to the US, starting in 1999 under Clinton.

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    She just got back from having her first child. Egypt is a problem the Western world is NOT, prepared to deal with. These people are savages.

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    So, was she raped, or just touched/grabbed? I do not think they are making it clear.

    from the comments

    landskroon 4 hours ago (3:39 PM)
    36 Fans
    I am so glad there is a lot of attention for this victim of sexual harrasment*. I wish her a total recovery and a lot of warm attention. Good everyone now knows what it does to a woman. When we are ready we might start giving some attention to the women that were raped in Okinawa, Iraq, Afghanista*n and many other countries where (not the Egyptians but) American soldiers have been raping women without legal consequenc*es
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    It brings up the question-- WHAT WAS SHE DOING THERE?

    It reminds me of when Geraldo was in the middle of a hurricane. Is it ESSENTIAL to the story to put yourself directly into harm's way? Even if it boosts the ratings? That's just idiotic.
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    absolutely sickening

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