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Thread: Rand Paul - Tea Party Express Holds First Town Hall Meeting in Washington 7pm EST c-span2

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    Exclamation Rand Paul - Tea Party Express Holds First Town Hall Meeting in Washington 7pm EST c-span2

    Republican Representatives Michele Bachmann (MN) and Steve King (IA), along with Senators Rand Paul (KY) and Mike Lee (UT), will host the first Tea Party Express Town Hall tonight at the National Press Club. Other lawmakers, including Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), are scheduled to speak to Tea Party activists at the meeting and take questions from a live audience and those submitted via the Internet.

    (not clear how to submit questions via the Internet)

    The Tea Party Express is a California-based group to support the Tea Party movement, beginning as a national bus tour to rally Tea Party activists. It was founded as a project of the political action committee Our Country Deserves Better PAC by Republican party members Howard Kaloogian and Sal Russo. The group's leadership also endorses and promotes conservative candidates running for state and federal offices.

    video (archived post event) :

    video (live during event 7-9pm EST) :

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    Has Rand been on yet????

    I missed the first 22 min - but over 1.5 hrs left!


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    Bachmann is a fraud .

    Rand should just host own town hall with Mike Lee and keep out the co-opters

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