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Thread: This American Life: The Invention of Money (Audio)

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    This American Life: The Invention of Money (Audio)

    Aired this weekend, mp3 available on the site now.

    My thoughts: Caught most and listening right now again, but I enjoyed the fact that this topic was discussed first and foremost. But as always, the reporters don't get everything right and don't go far enough, but that seems to be due to their naivety or ignorance. (Naive in that economics reporters didn't even realize where the money went or what exactly money is)...It's nice that they break it down to J6P that our currency is nothing more than what we think it is, and that the Federal Reserve behind their jargon and "technical operations," most everything they do is print more money fraudulently..."money out of nothing". And a certain someone is talked about along with audio clip at the end.

    Worth a listen and forward to people that need a better explanation--that is if they need a radio program to quasi teach them...Nice to see in the MSM at the very least.

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