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Thread: Climate Scientists Propose Global 1 Child Policy, Socialism, Taxes, Carbon Rationing

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    Climate Scientists Propose Global 1 Child Policy, Socialism, Taxes, Carbon Rationing

    United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

    Among the climate “solutions” proposed by scientists, officials, and others for the Cancun COP16 “global-warming” summit are ideas like a global “one-child policy” modeled on communist China’s brutal system, a carbon rationing scheme for every person on earth, world socialism, and a series of global taxes paid to the United Nations. by Alex Newman
    Climate Scientists Propose Global One-child Policy, Socialism, Taxes, Carbon Rationing

    Alex Newman | The New American
    07 December 2010

    Related News:

    Climate Scaremongering in Cancun Reaches New Heights
    With the COP16 climate-change summit underway in Cancun, the scaremongering over global warming is reaching preposterous new heights as so-called “leaders” warn of humanity’s impending doom - unless, of course, all nations agree to global carbon taxes and other statist measures. by Alex Newman

    COP16: United Nations & Big Business Call for Global Light Bulb Ban to Save Climate
    The United Nations and its corporate allies called for a global ban on incandescent light bulbs and kerosene lamps Wednesday at the COP16 global-warming summit in Cancun, claiming in a new study that “energy-efficient” lights would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. by Alex Newman

    COP16 - Day 1: Everybody Wants Something At Cancun's Climate Summit
    Amid low expectations and widespread disillusion, thousands of “climate dignitaries” from around the world descended on the Mexican resort city of Cancun for the first day of global-warming negotiations, each hoping to get something. by Alex Newman

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    Evil , mentally impaired commies . One child will not be enough tax money to bleed out of to pay for the programs .

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