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Thread: Rand Paul says federal spending has risen to 25 percent of GDP

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    Rand Paul says federal spending has risen to 25 percent of GDP

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    In an attempt to look unbiased and make up for their ridiculous "false" of Rand's federal salary contention , they found a straightforward claim from Rand that was true, that no one really ever questioned.

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    For a great model for a functional but limited central government, look to the US prior to 1913.


    In 1912, the federal share of GDP was only 1.75%.


    In 1860, the federal share of GDP was only 1.6%


    During the War of 1812, the federal share of GDP maxed out at 3.9%, despite a three-front invasion by the world's largest military empire.


    From 1788 until 1912, the US typically had a federal government that operated on about 2% of the GDP during peacetime and about 4% during war-time, the Civil War excepted. If they could do it then, we can do it now.
    Knowledge is Liberty!

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    rand paul is very correct as to how 20% becomes 25% in the past decade...

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