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Thread: edmund burke's address to the electors of bristol

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    Lightbulb edmund burke's address to the electors of bristol

    ms. nancy pelosi could quote burke in the interim.
    JOHN DENNIS should keep his campaign liturature
    and databanks together jist in case we do have
    an unexpected special election should ms. pelosi
    re~think her stance right now given that things
    are lame-duck. if she steps down in 2011 it could
    allow a DEMOCRAT to pick up her seat discretely.
    if JOHN DENNIS ran the most direct and honest
    GOP campaign that was possible this year, this
    very year of the massive budget shortfalls and
    the $140 to $160 million CEO MEG airwaves blitz,
    then lets run JOHN DENNIS in a less insane year!

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    He's too qualified to be a perennial token candidate. He needs to run for a local office and build a reputation first.
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    The Ron Paul Meet-up groups in SF need to pick a Ron Paul Democrat to run for Pelosi's seat. There were a lot of them in the area during Ron's 2008 Primary run.
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